8th Grade Wolverine Weekly

STEAM Middle School: March 7 to 11, 2016

Campus News

Rachel's Challenge FOR Club will be selling stickers for $2, all proceeds go towards STEAM.

$2 + GREEN + Jeans = a fun March 11th before Spring Break!

*Tickets will be sold during lunch the week of March 7-11th

*Jeans and green for March 11th with a purchased sticker

Monday March 21st, students will be taking their spring pictures. Students are able to wear high school dress, but must stay in dress code.

8th Grade STAAR Reading Preparation

Tutoring sessions for eighth graders will be offered:

Monday-Wednesday mornings 7:45-8:25

Monday-Wednesday afternoons 4:15-5:00

Bring Your Parent to School Day

Friday, March 11th, 8:15-10:45am

900 Southwest Hillside Drive

Burleson, TX

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, March 11 for the first-ever STEAM "Bring Your Parent to School" Day. Please be sure to bring an ID or driver's license to be checked in through the Raptor system. If you have any questions, contact the STEAM office at 817.245.1500.

STEAM & PreAP Science

On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday we will be spending the ENTIRE class working on our Weather Forecast Project. Students will be turning in the project for a summative assessment grade (test) on Thursday by the end of the day. Turning in the project on Friday will result in a minus 15 points, and turning in after Friday will be a minus 30 points. Parents are welcome to come to my class on Friday to see their student's weather forecast. Even if your student's class does not correspond to the bring your parent to school time for assigned grade level. :)

On Tuesday we will be taking our Category 3 LBA. This LBA covers material from the third six weeks until now. I sent home a review last week. This review is not for a grade, but can benefit students.

The notes for the week are in my classroom for students to pick up. Please have your student complete the notes for extra credit due on Friday. The notes for this week are for Lesson 3 and 4. Last week's were 1 and 2.


Monday (out for a funeral):

  • Finish up Saving for the Future packet (test grade)


  • STAAR Preparation


Monday (out for a funeral):

  • Mid Chapter Quiz (page 492 #8, 9, 15, 17, 29)

  • Videos in Google Classroom

    • Practice Problems to go with them

  • Page 498 #21-24 (Homework if not finished in class)


  • Factoring Trinomials (a=1)


  • Factoring Trinomials (a>1)

  • Spirals are due for a grade check


  • Review


  • Test

STEAM and PreAP English Language Arts

Students are continuing to practice inferencing skills and supporting the answer with evidence.

Pre-AP and the regular STEAM language arts class read a short story and did various literary analysis of the story in groups. This week, they will be taking an assessment over the things that they learned. There will be a review sheet posted in google classroom and a review done in class.

A STAAR type assessment will also be given this week to help determine who may need a little extra last minute reminders and help.

Mrs. Nancy Taylor

8th Grade STEAM and PreAP English Language Arts

STEAM and PreAP US History

Last week’s Test 9 scores were AWESOME!

I am SO proud of my studious students!

Let’s keep the momentum going!

This Wednesday is the Spring US History LBA-

Monday and Tuesday are dedicated to class review!

Thursday and Friday we’ll be discussing the emerging tensions leading to the Civil War.

Mrs. Danielle Stanley

8th Grade STEAM and PreAP U.S. History


This week students will select their favorite abstract art style and begin painting it. They will look to inspiration from a famous abstract artist of their choice as well as their still life.

Reminder - Burleson ISD art show is March 24th at the BRICK from 5:30-7.


This week students will be finishing up their portraits. Students will present and critique as their class finishes.They will be starting their research of perspective drawing, anime and graphic design. Burleson District Art Show is at the Brick March 22-24th. The reception is the 24th from 5:30-7:00.

Mrs. Kimberly Bishop



Target Vocabulary for the week: “En la Cocina” set (using Quizlet, props, and visual cues such as Google Slides).

Monday 3/7: We will revisit the Spanish subject pronouns and go over the test as a class. Reinforcement lesson on Spanish articles (definite and indefinite articles). There will be Nearpod lesson. Post-lesson assessment at the end of class.

Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th, and Thursday 10th: Spanish regular verbs , -AR, -ER, and -IR present tense conjugations will be presented in more depth but in small chunks. Nearpod assessments throughout lesson and whiteboard activity.

Friday 11th: MovieTalk with parents, TPR (Total Physical Response) and Quizlet Live.

Gateway to Technology (GTT)

This week we will be finishing up our Measuring Energy Project!

Weekly Agenda:

  • Project 3.1.4: Measuring Energy

    • Monday (3/7)

      • Step 7:Test & Record Data

      • Step 8: Calculate Power

    • Tuesday (3/8)

      • Step 9: Design Changes

      • Step 10: Re-test & re-calculate

    • Wednesday (3/9)

      • Step 11: Design Process Solution

      • Step 12: Create presentation

    • Thursday(3/10)

      • Step 13: Present solution to the class

    • Friday (3/11)

      • Step 14: Self Reflection Evaluation, Peer Evaluations, & Conclusion Questions

Mrs. Mandi Nelson

Gateways to Technology (GTT)

Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Tech (AAVTC)

This week, students will be putting their finishing touches on their Magazine Design Project.

They will be creating a magazine cover, center spread and an Ad for the back cover.

Here were the parameters for the project...

Students will…

  • Design a magazine cover for a specific audience (design elements should be considered when designing for a specific audience)

    • Adolescent 9-12

    • Tweenie 10-13

    • Teen 13-18

    • Young Adult 18-22

    • Adult 22-and up

  • With a partner, students will use a camera to do a photo shoot

  • Using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop, students will create their own magazine cover

  • Choose an appropriate color scheme for a stated audience


Our next project will be a packing tape figure, If possible, could you please donate a roll of cheap saran wrap and a couple rolls of packing tape.

Thanks Mr. T

Mr. Wayne Thames

Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Tech (AAVTC)