Naked Juice vs Sprite

BY: maci grimsinger

naked jusice

naked juice only has 25g of sugar. but in a 20oz it has 100 packets of sugar in it. which doesn't seam good but all the fruit that's in it makes it good for you


sprite has 26g of sugar. but in a 20oz it has 104 packets of sugar witch is really bad for you and not good for you at all.

Naked juice vs sprite

You should drink more Naked juice and less Sprite because in a 20 ounce bottle of Naked Juice it has 100 packets of sugar and Sprite has 104 packets. Naked juice is better because it contains fruit which is healthier for you.

Which one would i chooes?

I would choose Naked Juice because it is healthier for you. It is better for your body because it contains fruit and Sprite doesn't.
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