Brown Recluse or Loxosceles Recluse

By: Trey Perez

Body, Shape,and Description

The brown recluse has 8 legs,6 eyes, and two venom-injecting teeth. They are dark brown.

Feeding Habits

The Brown Recluse eat cockroaches and crickets. The female will try to eat the male.when they get venom in the pray it dies very quickly.

Life Cycle

They reach maturity in 10 to 12 months and can survive long periods of time with out food and water. Immature spider lings resemble adult brown recluse spiders but have lighter coloration

Geographical home

The Brown recluse lives in the united states . Its lives down near Alabama and Tennessee and some states around it. This is where they live. They live in houses. Under rotted tree trunks and logs.