Europe at a Glance

Kayla Clayton

Intro Paragraph

The 3 European countries I decided to explore were Greece, Italy, and Austria. In my research I learned a lot of new facts and ideas. Even though these countries are all on the same continent, they are remarkably different in many ways. Some of which are:

The Government Type

Greece- Parliamentary Republic

Italy- Republic

Austria- Federal Republic

Limited or Unlimited

Greece- Limited

Italy- Limited

Austria- Limited

European Union Member?

Greece- Yes

Italy- Yes

Austria- Yes


Greece- 11.28 million

Italy- 61,482,297

Austria- 8,221,646

% Arable Land

Greece- 18.95%

Italy- 22.57

Austria- 16.25

GDP Per Capita

Greece- $22,082

Italy- $29,800

Austria- $43,100


Greece- Euros

Italy- Euros

Austria- Euros

Famous Brands of the Country

Greece- Ant1; Black Fish; Wind

Italy- Tic Tac; Ferrari; Gucci; Prada

Austria- Red Bull; Mittli; JK


Greece- Greek

Italy- Italian

Austria- German


Greece- Christian

Italy- Christian

Austria- Roman Catholic

Location (relative)

Greece- southern Europe; southern end of the Balkan Peninsula

Italy- southern Europe; a peninsula extending out

Austria- central Europe; north of Italy and Slovenia


Greece- mild, wet winters & hot, dry summers

Italy- predominantly Mediterranean; Alpine in far north; hot, dry in south

Austria- temperate; continental, cloudy