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How to increase your height

Physical attributes, especially the height of a person, affects the self-confidence and personality of an individual. The height of an individual is attributed to one’s genetic code as well as the height of the father and mother. The height of a child does not grow after the age of 20 years. But these are nothing but myths and have no scientific evidence to prove with. This article will help you discover easy methods to boost your child’s height growth as well inform you about factors that can contribute to inhibiting height growth:

Factors inhibiting height growth

1. Medical deficiencies: Thyroid, hormonal deficiencies, Down syndrome, excessive use of Cortisone are some of the most common reasons that restrict height growth.

2. Intoxication: Bad habits such as excessive drinking, smoking and substance abuse have been clinically proven to stunt height growth among adults. For better height reduce intake of these substances.

3. Malnutrition: Low intake of essential vitamin, proteins and minerals stunt height growth. Common eating disorders such as Anorexia have been medically proven to restrict height growth. Of all vitamins and minerals, Iron deficiency impacts height growth most severely. So make sure your child eats adequate amounts of green leafy vegetables, as they are rich sources of Iron.

These factors are some of the most common clinically proven methods to inhibit height growth. However, thankfully, there are some easy ways in which you can stimulate the release of Human Growth Hormone and Insulin- the 2 hormones that are instrumental in increasing your height. Read on to find out more about these methods:

1. Human Growth Hormone: The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of injecting the Human Growth Hormone to small children at early ages to stimulate height growth. The injection of these hormones in children with lower heights has shown quite impressive results. A study showed that regular use of these injections among children lead to an average increase in their height by up to 3 inches. There are cases where this hormone has been so successful that increases up to 8 inches have been observed. With the green signal shown by FDA, the consumption of this hormone has increased tremendously. However due to its high prices, its use has been restricted to amongst the rich and upper class.

2. Yoga and Spine exercises: Some experts believe that the ancient art of Yoga can stimulate the secretion of the Human Growth Hormone by flexing and strengthening the spine, however this hasn’t been clinically proven yet. There are reports which suggest that as much as 35% of the height of an individual is dependent on the movements of the spinal cord. It might not have been proven clinically, but experts guarantee that regular Yoga sessions can increase your height by 2-3 inches in anyear.

3. Herbs and Vitamins: A well balanced, healthy diet that has adequate amounts of Vitamins, minerals, proteins and calcium will help you stimulate your muscle and tissue growth and increase your height. For increasing you height, all minerals are important, but Iron in particular has been known to work wonders. Ensure you take iron rich diet.

But the single most important factor that affects one’s height is the genetic code one inherits from his/her parents. But keep following these methods and keep exercising to gain a few inches and keep you fit and healthy.

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