Bouncing Along

By: Udit Garg

A Little Taste of Me

Hi, my name is Ti-Ger the Bengal Tiger. I am looking out for some around town. Some fish so I can mate with. I am a mammal looking for pisces. I will be warm since I am "warm-blooded" and I have four legs so I can get the food you would want. I am a handsome color of Black and Orange. I know you will love me the best.
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Anyone like this, this, or this will do.

Who I Am Looking For

I am looking for anyone with scales. Any pisces no matter how big or small. They should be a bachelor, and I will be the catcher. No matter who you are Ti-Ger the tiger is always there for any fish looking around town. Just swim to edge of the Amazon River and I will be there. For more information call 1-000-IMA-FISH.