The Red the White and the Blue

By Taylor Lough

Medicare: Created in 1965

It all began in 1965 when after legislative had signed by president Lyndon B Johnson that was when Americans started receiving Medicare Health coverage

Medicare Definition: “IS the Federal health insurance program for people older than 65 years of age and older, as well as certain young people with disabilities,and people End- stage renal disease”

There are 4 Types of Medicare

  1. Medicare Part A which is (Hospital Insurance)

  2. Medicare Part B which is (Medical Insurance)

  3. Medicare Part C which is (Medicare Advantage plans)

  4. Medicare Part D which is (Prescription drug coverage)

What kinds of Medicare are there and what do they do?

Medicare part A covers services such as lab tests, surgery, Doctor visits, as well as home health care

Medicare part B covers things such as clinical research, Ambulance services, Durable Medical Equipment (DME, Mental health, Inpatient, Outpatient, Partial hospitalization, Getting second opinion before surgery,Limited outpatient prescription drug

Medicare part C covers Health maintenance Organization,preferred provider organization,Private fee for service, special needs plans, HMO Point of service, Medical savings account

Medicare part D is drug coverage

The difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

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There is many differences between Medicare and Medicaid as well as ways they are also alike for example, Medicare and Medicaid Benefit people with disabilities as well as covering prescribed drugs as shown in the image above. They are also different because medicare is paid by Payroll taxes and Medicaid is paid by Federal and state assistance programs

Medicare part D was added to prescribe medicine and lots of voters liked it because it helped people of age 55 and up.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a type of health care program that helps low-income people helping pay for long-term medical care as well as custodial costs. Medicare is a federal program but is ran by the state coverage can vary depending on person who applied for such care.

What is A National Annual Deficit and how do we get them?

The definition for A National Annual Deficit that is given to us at is "The sum of all previous incurred annual federal deficits. The deficit is the difference between what the government takes in and the amount of money it spends. Since the deficits are financed by government borrowing , National Debt is equal to all government debt outstanding."

This gives us an idea on what National Annual Deficits are but not exactly how we get them. There is a simpler definition which we get from a video called Ten Trillion and Counting. Which says an Annual Deficit is the total amount of national budget that is in the hole. Then we have the definition of National Debt which is the sum of all annual deficits since 1776 since we became a country. One of the biggest lenders to paying our deficits is China.

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Why we have Annual Deficits?

Most of our deficits come from things such as Medicaid, medicare, war, ect. and when spending more taxes have to go up not down America is spending more money then they are making so the deficits just keep piling up

What is taking over Americas budget and when will it stop?

Today our National Annual Deficit is almost 20 Trillion dollars almost doubling and less than a decade. Health care has been said to be our biggest problem, People are living longer than expected and more and more people are retiring earlier. Many people are saying that health care is over whelming the budget and if nothing is done it will eventually take over.

What will go and what will stay is not known yet. American people want war and want health care as well as more benefits and nice streets, parks, etc. but they also want low taxes and higher wages and lately the presidents have been giving both when you cant have cake and eat it too which is what has put us in this position.

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