By: Canon


  • In the Northern, Eastern, and Western Hemisphere
  • The country it is in is Africa
  • 3 Things that are close to Algeria is The Mediterranean sea, Libya, and Niger
  • The capital city is Algiers It Is located at (37N, 3E)
  • The location of Algeria effects The way they live because It is very dry, witch is the reason why there is not grass or tree is the general area.

Human Environment

- The environment made effects like less water, not much farming.

-The environment of of Algeria makes jobs like, miners, diggers, and hunters.


The government of Algeria is a representative Democracy. The people of Algeria are not that very wealthy, Witch leads to less food, water. And that leads to not that great of a economy.


-The main ways of communication is Arabic and Berber

-The main way of transportation is bus, boat, and feet

-Since Algeria is right next to the Meditation sea they use water transportation


-Some landforms in Algeria is canyons, valleys, and sand dunes. Some biomes are deserts,savannas, and temperate grassland. Major cities in Algeria are Algeriers, Ouragla, Bechar, and Delfa.

-The main languages of Algeria are Arab, French, and Berber

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