Drop a Pumpkin!

Arbonne's 30-days to Healthy Living!

The average pumpkin weighs 10-20 pounds!

If you are feeling a little swollen, want an immunity boost before cold and flu season, or just want to look and feel better for the holidays....join us! Let's drop A PUMPKIN!

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What's all the BUZZ about detoxing?

Getting healthier has been one of the best aspects of my Arbonne business these last 3 years. No more yo-yo dieting, trash talking myself, or feeling guilty when I eat certain foods. This 30 day program got me on track.

I want to share this with everyone I know...yet I realize it's been awhile since I've sent info out about it! So here I am. Jon and I have learned so much about what foods our bodies love and hate. We have friends and clients that have had crazy successful results with this program! Blood pressure lowers. Skin clears. Combat life's curve balls. It's life-changing.

So I'll be coaching anyone interested in a detox starting now, in September, or October. I'm doing it both months right alongside you! Anyone can do this! We tailor the program to fit your needs. If you've been looking for a change or an excuse to get healthy, this is your opportunity!

Here are some of the benefits of detoxing that this program offers!

Lose weight: Your body stores toxins in your fat cells so until you detox you can’t truly lose weight and KEEP IT OFF. (Many of my friends returned to their pre-baby weight with this program!)

Improve energy: Toxins and inflammatory-enhancing foods cause fatigue.

(Eating clean gives a lot of people more energy, and my friends even eliminated caffeine!)

Clear the brain fog: Taking dairy, soy, and gluten out of your diet improves mental clarity.

Improve sleep: Too many toxins in your system can cause restless, sleepless nights.

Improve mood: One of the symptoms of a diet lacking in nutrients, good fats, and fiber is irritability. (People clear out the processed foods and feel fabulous!)

You can stop yo-yo dieting forever! Nutritional rebalancing is a HEALTHY lifestyle change!

The product packs are 40% off now!

  • Packs comes with vegan protein, fiber, detox tea, probiotics, and energy boosting FIZZ!
  • 10-day option available too!
  • Customize your packs (chocolate, vanilla, or both)!
  • FREE shipping for everyone in September!
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Join me TODAY! Or contact me when you're ready!

Gina Pernini Gordon

Arbonne Independent Consultant

Executive Regional Vice President