Nuclear Fusion/Nuclear Fission

Ariyanna Smith

Hello! Date: 5/5/16

Hello my name is Ariyanna Smith. I have just discovered how to use nuclear fusion as an energy source. Here in this press release, I will describe fusion energy!


Nuclear fusion produces energy from a large amount of starting energy. The energy produced in fusion is made when two atoms join together to form one. The Sun uses this power to produce energy. Atoms of hydrogen fuse together and make atoms of helium which produces large amounts of energy. Using a machine, producing large amounts of heat.

Economic Effects

Nuclear fusion produces no pollution. This energy will cause no carbon dioxide emission and will not add to global warming or climate change.

Safety Concerns

Handling nuclear power must be done carefully. There are risks of accidents in power plants that could be catastrophic, so power plant workers must be trained. The risk is worth the reward.