Fall is Here!

It is obvious that fall is here when we are out at recess! The air is cooler and our students have lots of energy! We are also settled in and getting additional programs underway, specifically, Cubs' Choice and WIN.

We are in week two of Cubs' Choice. It is a 6 week program where students in grades 1-6 go to an 'elective' class of their choosing for some fun and enriching instruction. Cubs' Choice is three times a year, once each trimester. Kindergarten have 'Kids' Choice' everyday and will participate in Cubs' Choice once in 1st grade. See Cubs' Choice below.

WIN also begins this week. 'Whatever I Need' occurs 3 days a week to provide specific instruction targeted at each student's level to meet his/her needs. Instruction is geared to intervene, reinforce, or enrich. See 'Everyone wins in WIN' below.

Our goal with both of these programs is to meet students' needs, give students choice, and to foster new interests. Be sure to talk with our students about Cubs' Choice and WIN!

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We are in our 8th year of leading the way with the district's first hands-on science lab aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and in class instruction. Valley View teachers create lessons for instruction in the lab with the support of our fantastic aides, Lab Lady Leppek and Lab Lady Kiser! The aides assist with materials, supplies, set up, clean up, instruction, and students! The first visit to the lab each year is a special presentation by our lab ladies as shown in video. After this one, Valley View teachers take over the instruction. The science lab at Valley View is an all time favorite! THANK YOU PTC & ALL PARENTS for donations to make this opportunity possible. A HUGE Thank you to Jill Husband with her wonderful video creation, Lab Ladies Leppek and Kiser, Ms. Koelewyn, and our awesome 5th graders!
1st Explore in Science Lab of 18-19

Everyone wins in W.I.N!

WIN is an acronym for Whatever I Need. Each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, our students receive 45 minutes of instruction in their WIN group. The grouping is based on students' needs, teacher input, and is flexible. Students may move to another classroom for this instruction. Through this process, students' instructional needs are routinely being met with targeted instruction or enrichment opportunities. Movement between the different tiers is fluid and based on student performance. Teachers continually make the necessary changes in student placement in order to meet each student's individual learning needs. This process results in ALL students reaching their full potential more rapidly.
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Three times a year, our Cubs are able to choose a Friday afternoon elective class! First our teachers select an activity/hobby/interest that they want to teach. We put these choices in a survey form and have our students complete the survey indicating their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices. 90% of Cubs were able to get their top 1st or 2nd choice! For the 1st session this trimester, students in grade 1-3 chose from Gardening, Finger Knitting, Directed Drawing, Cooking, Lego Challenges, and Kickball Clinic. Students in grades 4-6 chose from Spanish, Chess, Yoga, Bootcamp, Genius Hour, Finger Weaving, Origami, Lego Challenges, and Glee. Some of the electives choices change each trimester depending on level of student interest. If you haven't heard about Cubs' Choice, be sure to ask your Cub as it is a huge hit! Our kindergarten students are able to participate once they are in grade 1.
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On Sept 14, our students traveled to the edges of the school with their buddy class and passports in hand. As part of our Positive Behavior Supports & Interventions (PBIS) program, we hosted 'Passport to Success' event where students spent time at different locations on campus reviewing the appropriate and expected behaviors for each area. Students were to take the passport home, read to parents, sign the pledge, and return for special prize. Be sure to ask your child(ren) about this if you haven't seen it. By the way, you can take the pledge too! Check out Mrs. Tweltridge's 4th grade and Mrs. Wagner's 2nd grade learning from one of our PBIS leaders, Jennifer Overboe, and our wonderful 6th grade role models.
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Join us on Monday mornings at the beginning of the day on the blacktop! We begin our week as a school community with the flag salute, a patriotic song, student messages, character lesson, and birthday announcements. Students run the show! Afterward, big and little buddies start the day with a bit of walking. *Not held on rainy days.
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Mrs. Wagner's 2nd Grade

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Mrs. Holmes' 4th Grade

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Mrs. McDaniel's 6th Grade

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