Alex Flinn


Kyle,the popular school president;Lindy,a young smart girl that falls inlove with the beast;Will,lindys father that traded her for drugs;Kendra,the evil witch that turned kyle to a beast.

Running for president

Sunday, Oct 2nd 2011 at 11:45am

Tuttle Crossing Blvd

Columbus, OH

Kyle runs for president against some other kid and wins so now he's school president


Friday, Nov 29th, 12:45pm

Tuttle Crossing Blvd

Columbus, OH

kyle went to the prom and gives the flower to lindy and embarrases kendra.

Kyles a beast

Saturday, Nov 30th, 9:45pm

318 Oxford Street


after kyle embarrases kendra the witch, she gets him back by turning him into the beast.