Vineyard Vines

January 7-18, 2016

Reminders for the Week

HAPPY NEW YEAR as we patiently wait to hear our Lighthouse status. I hope your week back has been smooth sailing. Hopefully gradespeed is up and running for you now. As we get ready for our next round of benchmarks, I'm sure student progress is on your mind. Keep those students in the forefront that are Eco Dis, Spec Ed or continuing to puzzle you. They will be our focus. Also, if you have students that need RTI, NOW is the time. Don't wait another month if your students are not making progress. We have had quite a few General Ed RTI meetings but no Dual Language- maybe because all of our Dual Language students are doing GREAT!

This Week's Calendar....

January 7-18, 2016

8th- SPIRIT Day: VR Shirts & Jeans; Report Card Day

PLC Team Meetings in Office Conf Rm: 9:50 1st Grade; 1:20 4th Grade

GLC Meeting in Office Conf Rm: 2:45

Post Holiday Party @ Sunny's: 4-7pm

11th- Habit 4: Think Win-Win

Speech ARDs: 9:10; 10:00

Librarian Meeting @ VR: 2-5pm

4th Grade Robotics: 2:30-4pm


PTA Exec Brd in D100: 9:30-10:30am

5th Grade Robotics: 2:30-4pm

Green Team Club in D102: 2:30-3:45pm

13th- HBday Jaime Ravelo

Admin Team in Office Conf Rm: 8-9:30

Action Teams: 3-3:45pm

Maturation Parent Preview 4th/5th @ Oak Meadow: 5:30-6:30pm

14th- HBday Andrea Bell

Principal Meeting @ CLC 217: 7:30-4:30 (TVC)

Course Card Training @ Lopez: 7:30-9:30am (Rafajko)

Vertical 3-5 Science Training: 3-?; 4-?; 5-Hayes @ PBSC: 3:45-5:15

Tech Training w/ David


OHI @ Churchill (Subs Dist Funded: TVC; Balbert; Derby; Wynn; Apolinar; McVicker; Hill)

PLC 2nd/5th Teams: Gift of Time

TELPAS Training @ RAMEC 313.04: 8-12pm (Rafajko; Marty)