Coaching your clients

Through their Arbonne30

Touching Base With Your Client is KEY


Week before (OR the day set arrives)

Hi! Receive your package? Did you read through Arbonne30 smore Welcome Flyer? If not, be sure to read and reach out with any questions.

3 Days Before: (edit accordingly if not on Facebook - maybe Instagram...)

Almost time to get started, super excited for you! Two things I've found incredibly helpful with

accountability. 1. Posting a pic of the products on Facebook announcing you’re starting a 30 day healthy living program. Share your excitement and why you decided to do it. 2. Reach out with questions!

2 Days Before: (text them to schedule a call)

Tips to share on the call:

• Remind them to take their before picture even if they don’t plan to share and to weigh in and take measurements

• Check Sample Day and Avoid List images in Welcome Flyer

• Start day with Digestion Plus (give some of your favorite tips on how to use)

• Replace 2 meals with protein shake – add some greens and a good fat to each shake

• Fruit is OK but stick to berries, lemon, lime, green apples.

• Add fiber to ONE shake a day starting with 1/4 scoop in week one increasing by 1/4 scoop each week getting to full scoop by week 4.

• If you have a strong craving for something that's not on program like chips or dessert, please let

me know and I’ll give you healthy options. We have replacements for everything!

• Pick out a few meals, favorite shake recipes

• Recommend some snacks

• Be sure to drink plenty of water

Text 1 Day before:

Good Morning! Set for tomorrow? Let me know if you have any questions. If you need anything, I’m here to help you. Be sure to share your journey on social media and hold yourself accountable. When you do, tag me!

Text Day 1

Day 1! Hope you are as excited as I am! Good luck today! You can do this and achieve great results! Keep a positive mind and focus on the things you CAN have and CAN eat.

Happy Day 1!

Text Day 2

How did Day 1 go? Day 2/3 can be hardest because this is when bodies can experience withdrawal symptoms from sugar and caffeine. This will pass! Drink plenty of water and take advantage of those Fizz sticks!

Day 3- 5 (Text)

Good Morning! I like to do a first week check in by phone. When would you have a few minutes to chat?

(Phone Conversation)

• Wanted to check in and see how you’re doing. (If experiencing detox symptoms encourage them because this is a good thing)

• What are you loving the most so far? Have you found a shake recipe you enjoy?

• Weekends can be hardest to stay on track. There is a tips for eating out guide on your welcome flier.

• Don’t forget to prep for next week.

• By the end of next week you should be seeing results and an increase in energy and overall well being!

Day 7 (Text)

Tomorrow is Day 8 - the day you can do a weight and measurement check. Only do this once a week and focus on the process and program versus the numbers.

Day 10 or 11 (Text)

Good morning! You will be starting the Body Cleanse next week! When would you have a few minutes to chat to go over how to incorporate and what to expect?

Day 14 (or just before they start week 3, Text)

Phone conversation

• How are you loving everything so far? (ask about weight loss, energy - get good news!)

•Have you taken your 2 week pictures? If you haven’t, I encourage you to take them to compare! I would love to know your results!

• Time to start the cleanse - you won’t need a seatbelt for your toilet.

•Its delicious, lemon ginger flavor.

• How to use (Mix with 4-8oz of warm water to let powder dissolve and then add additional water and ice to total 32oz. Drink over 4-6 hours. Drink additional 32oz of water throughout day and follow everything else in the plan as usual.

• IMPORTANT VERBIAGE - You are probably getting low on a few things and will want to replenish. Before you re-order anything, what I generally do with my clients at this time is schedule an appointment either on a video chat or in person so I can treat you to tea , and go over your next steps - how to reintroduce foods, how to maintain. Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that as a consultant I get an amazing discount on all my products and I can share more about that program because being a consultant doesn’t mean you have to sell Arbonne or build a team. What does your calendar look like on Tuesday or Thursday of next week?

Goal of 1-to-1 appt is to tell them about the referral program, the opportunity, and help them place their reorder. This is a great time to move them into skincare and other ranges.

If you’re new, ask your sponsor to help you with this.

Day 26

Good morning! Last few days can be the hardest but you are almost at the finish line! I'm excited to hear about your final results! Keep it up! TIP: do not go food crazy on day 31. Check FB group for tips on reintroducing foods slowly. After eating so clean your body may not tolerate old ways or at least not all at once. BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!

Day 30 (Insert congrats photo, gif, etc)

Congratulations! You are officially done with your first 30 days! Would love to hear your final results, how you feel and what your biggest takeaways are