Electronic Medical Records

My opinion of EMR

Electronic Medical Record Question


Are you in favor of, or opposed to, the investment of government dollars to make sure that the health records of all Americans are computerized within the next five years?

My Opinion

Computers are easier and faster than filling out pages for medical records, also computers are getting faster and updating more and more every year. Computerization of health care data would quickly get patients' health information where it needs to go, improving care and cutting costs” (Hospitals Are Moving (Slowly) to Electronic Medical Records). So not only is it quicker for patients but it is improving care and also cutting costs. I support the move to computers in the medical field because computers are fast, easy and safer for patients. “Help health care providers across the country use electronic health records to increase quality, safety, and efficiency of health care” (Get the Facts about ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS: ADVANCING AMERICA’S HEALTH CARE).