Le Ciel au Chocolat

by David Marin for the What's Cooking class

The finest chocolate in the New York area

In Le Ciel au Chocolat, we temper our chocolate like no other chocolate store you have been. Our chocolatiers have the skill to make chocolate that will make everybody's mouths water.

Everyday from 8am to 7pm at Washington Square

Our goal is to help customers come in happy and leave satisfied.

Guaranteed to be delicious to the customers

The one question everyone asks us:

  • How were you able to temper your chocolate and what was the chemistry behind it?

Our chocolatiers temper our chocolate by heating up a double boiler that heats up to 150 degrees fahrenheit, and we place our chocolate on the double boiler and we stir it until it melts. The chemistry behind it though, is that when the chocolate melts, there are different types of crystals that form depending on the temperature you put on the chocolate. Each crystal contributes to the way the chocolate will be made as the chocolatiers temper it, all because of their kinetic and potential energy changing as temperature increases. This is how our chocolate got tempered.