Homeless Dogs

By:Pranay SIngh

Homeless Dogs in the US

In Coppell itself there are lots of homeless dogs that are being put into shelters and rescues. Now imagine the amount of homeless dogs in the surrounding cities like Dallas. Now imagine the amount of homeless dogs in Texas. Thats a very big, number. Now imagine that number and add a few other states around us like Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Mississippi. Now add all of the states in the US, that is one very gigantic, scary number. That "number" is estimated to be about 3.9 million! I am here to fight for these dogs and help find them a new home!

Only 1 out of every 10 dogs will EVER find a permanent home.

How we can Help.

The way I think that anyone can help is just by donating some money to shelters/rescues. If we donate money that means they will have more supplies, space, time, and more volunteers which means more dogs will find homes. To donate now go vist http://www.homelesspets.com/donations/ and donate as much as you want. Another way that I think that we can help is by just volunteering at shelters/rescues. This can help train the dogs making them seem more attractive in the way that when you adopt a dog that you will have to train it. Volunteers can also just help wash the dogs, which will give them a more physically attractive look. This is a very good thing because then dogs will find new homes. Another reason why this is a good thing is because this can lead to people feeling nicer and just petting a dog has been proven to relieve stress.