Viking E-BLAST

April 14, 2014


The All Saints ALOHA CARNIVAL 2014 was a smashing success! The games were fun, the talent show was entertaining, the rides were a blast, the food was fabulous, and the weather was perfect! This well-organized event was the result of a year of planning, preparation, and lots of hard work from our Carnival Committee and members of the Parent Association. We are grateful for the vision and dedication of Kelly Jackson, Carnival Chair, and her entire committee! A full recap of the Carnival's success, including names of committee chairs and volunteers, will be in our 2013-2014 All Saints Annual Report. Check out the JOY on these faces in the photos below for PROOF we had a GREAT TIME!!!!!!


We had our first Holy Week chapel service this morning. Each day this week, students faculty and guests have been asked to walk in silence to and from chapel. It is a remarkable sight to behold, watching over 300 members of our community walk in complete silence. We have an amazingly reverent student body.

This morning, Ms. Berard's 8th Grade homeroom class led the congregation through a reading of Jesus' life from His entrance into Jerusalem until His crucifixion.

All members of our community are invited to attend any of these special services this week, held in St. Stephen's sanctuary, beginning at 8:15AM.


Just moments before the ALOHA CARNIVAL got underway, All Saints Episcopal School students from Kindergarten through 8th Grade enjoyed a cerebral week of achievement testing. The stacks of tests will be mailed to the testing center to be graded as soon as all tests have been completed, allowing time for those students who were absent last week to make up their portion of the exams. Once the tests have been graded and returned to the school, your child's report will be mailed to you. We usually anticipate our parents will receive results in the mail at the end of May or beginning of June. Once the test results have been distributed, Sally Wilson will host a brief meeting to help parents interpret the results. We appreciate all of the support provided by our parents to help students with the 4 B's during the week of testing.....

1. Go to BED on time

2. Eat a good BREAKFAST

3. BE on time to school

4. Be your BEST all day!