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Newsletter Jan/2015

The Newsletter is BACK!

The O&M board would like to welcome back the newsletter. This edition is very short, however we have to start somewhere. We need you to send in information to brighten up our news. There is a link at the bottom to share your stories and updates.

Please share; we want to hear from you.

Nominations for the 2015 O&M awards Due: MARCH 6, 2015

Make your nomination TODAY!

To nominate a recipient for one of the awards below, provide the following:

1. Nominee’s name, agency, address, and telephone number

2. Name of award and why nominee should receive this award

3. Contact information for you: name, address, phone numbers

Send your nominations ASAP to: Vance Lankford (vance.lankford@esc15.net )

Please put 2015 O&M Awards Nomination in subject line

The TAER O&M Best Practice Award

The O&M Best Practices award is given to an individual or group of individuals who demonstrate exemplary standards in professionalism, has effective communication, is creative in teaching skills, and plays an integrative role in teaming with other professionals and family members.

Bob Bryant/Bill Bryan O&M Leadership Award

To be given to an individual (an O&M specialist or layperson) who has had an enduring impact on the field of O&M in the state of Texas. The award is given in honor of Bill Bryan and Bob Bryant who started the first O&M program in Texas and continued to serve the field in a variety of positions. The recipient should be a person who has unceasingly served the O&M field in many capacities, i.e. as a TAER officer, committee member, SWOMA organizer, researcher/author, conference presenter, promoter of better O&M services for students/consumers, advocate for O&M professionalism and growth, etc.

The Mike Shirley O&M Student Award

To be presented to an O&M student/consumer who has shown unusual determination and courage as he/she endeavored to learn and maintain the skills needed to be an independent traveler to the highest degree possible.

Link to Nominations Flyer

Please distribute the attached flyer.

Join us for the TAER Orientation and Mobility, Division 9 business meeting.

The O&M division will be meeting at the TAER conference on

Friday afternoon, March 27th.

Be on the look out for the meeting in your schedule of events for the session time.

We will discuss current O&M topics, updates to the field, listen to comments and suggestions as well as issue service pins for years of service.

If you would like to discuss certain items and know ahead of time, please contact Vance.lankford@esc15.net at least a week before the TAER conference.

ACVREP credit WILL be awarded for attending this meeting.

O&M Division Dinner (Tentative Information)

Friday, March 27th, 6:30pm

4608 South Cooper Street

Arlington, TX

Please join us for dinner with your colleges.

More information to come.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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