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April 17th


Well, I guess you have heard Governor Abbott's announcement today that schools will remain closed for the remainder of this school year. It is important to note that the state still expects virtual learning to continue however. Here is the Commissioner of Education's guidance:

“Following on Governor Abbott’s Executive Order on schools issued this afternoon, it is important to note that while the Governor’s decision continues the closure of school buildings for in-person classroom attendance for the duration of the 2019-20 school year, it in no way ends at-home instructional support for Texas’s millions of students. School districts across Texas have worked diligently to make the transition to virtual learning. Students must continue to receive daily academic support from their teachers and schools for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. Thank you to our superintendents, principals, and teachers for their leadership in ensuring that academic progress continues during this unprecedented public health crisis. We fully support your efforts.”

While we are sad, we understand the need to ensure the safety and health of our families. Listen to Superintendent Alton and Principals Floyd and Creamer talk about what's next. Click the button below.


Our parent portal (through which you can check grades/attendance) is being updated and will now be called ASCENDER. Therefore, the parent portal will be down today (Friday the 17th) starting at 4:00pm until Tuesday the 21st. Then you will be able to login to the new and improved site using the resources below (assuming everything goes as planned for them).

Stay tuned for information and updates from our Registrars: Krisha Capizzi and Priscilla Lara-Palmer.

ASCENDER ParentPortal Guide for Parents

ASCENDER ParentPortal Getting Started TriFold

Progress Reports

Grades for progress reports will end on Tuesday the 21st. We will mail out the progress reports at the end of the week.

Please be sure we have your correct address on file; email our Registrar Priscilla Lara-Palmer if you have a correction: plarapalmer@lpsfrisco.com.

LPS News - 4th Edition

Check out the news from the adorable Alexis and Annabelle for this week! Just click the button below.

LPS School Board Meeting

Monday, April 20th, 6pm

This is an online event.

Agenda Link: https://www.lpsfrisco.com/site/handlers/filedownload.ashx?moduleinstanceid=2185&dataid=4938&FileName=1%20-%20LPS%20Board%20Meeting%20April%2020_2020.pdf

Date and Time:
Monday, April 20, 2020 at 6:00 PM CDT

Location: Meetings of the Board are normally held at Leadership Prep School, 8100 Teel Parkway, Frisco, Texas 75034. This meeting will be conducted by telephone conference and video conference in accordance with the Governor’s authorization concerning suspension of certain open meeting law requirements for COVID-19 (coronavirus) disaster.

The public may access the meeting through the following telephone number: 346-248-7799 (Meeting ID: 941 2822 5026 and Password 8NqL29) or the following videoconference link: https://zoom.us/j/94128225026?pwd=Z1gwK0VPNzlONktqZHc3QUNpdG16UT09

Gifted and Talented/Advanced Students Quarterly News

Parents of GT and Advanced students, check out our quarterly newsletter for lots of ideas and resources and for the opportunity to join our GT Advisory Committee. Our next Committee meeting will be via Zoom on Tuesday, April 21st.

7 Habits Self-Assessment Tool

Check out this valuable tool that will help your child (or you!) grow as a leader. It will also help you understand the 7 Habits that we teach the students if you are new to them.

Chromebook Issues?

If you have any need for Tech support for the chrome books that have been provided, please contact your student's teacher. The teacher will need:

  • student name
  • Chrome Book Cart and device number, AKA Secondary Cart 6-2.19 (which is on a sticker on the back of the checked out Chromebook)
  • what the issue is with the device, and
  • what type of charger the it has (USB-C, ASUS, or HP BlueTip).

The teacher can then request that a new Chromebook is available for check out. Chromebook pick up will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11:00-12:00 weekly at the SECONDARY CAMPUS OFFICE. It will only be available once the request is put in by the teacher. Please do not just show up to campus.

Field Trips and Activities

Formal Virtual Learning Plan

So we wanted to put our grading guidelines for the 4th nine weeks in writing for you so there will be no confusion. You can read the entire document here, but here are the biggest highlights:

  • All grades will be weighted with the weights previously used by teachers throughout the year.

  • In grades K-1, teachers will continue to use the skills checklist to assess student progress.

  • In grades 2-4, teachers will record at least 1 grade per week for each subject area for a total of at least 9 grades. Students will have the opportunity to redo two of their lowest grades.

  • Content grades in specials will be an E for all students.

  • Conduct grades will be an E for all students unless there is documentation of behavior issues in the online lessons.

Closed Campus - Contact Info

The campus is closed, so email will be your best form of communication.

Your child's teacher would be the best contact initially, but I am available to help in any way that I can: mcreamer@lpsfrisco.com. Office hours for teachers will be 1-3pm Monday-Friday.

There is no need to email attendance notes to the office; you can simply communicate with the teacher if a child is too sick to work that day.

Our campus website will also be a great source of information. I have added a section above the Weekly News link with games we have been teaching the kids during PAWS as well as Bedtime Stories.

Suggested schedule for students

Health Information Updates Posted Here

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