Pause for Poetry

Mrs. Schmitt, Block 3/4

Narrative Poem: The Test

My sister and I sat at home one day,

When suddenly I heard her say,

"Want to be a friend, my dear?"

The words I had long awaited to hear!

As quick as a flash, I shouted, "Oh, yes!"

"But first, " she explained, "you'll be put to a test."

"Ride to the store, " she said with a grin,

"Buy me some candy and my friendship you'll win."

I jumped on my bike and rode like the wind,

Down streets, around corners to where the sidewalk would end.

Tires hit gravel, I fell to the ground,

I jumped back on without making a sound.

I arrived at the store, limping in pain,

Mind on the friendship I hoped I would gain.

I found the sweet treats and headed to line,

Knowing the victory soon would be mine.

Back on the bike and home I would go,

A sore ankle would make the ride painful and slow.

So let me give you a piece of advice,

Sibling friendship can sometimes come with a price.

Haiku: Snow


Crystallized water ice clouds

Soft, white, fluffy, flakes

(HD) Snow falling in pine forest from window
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