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TCE Student Publication October 2022


October CCC's

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Dates for your Calendar

Monday, October 24th - Friday, November 18th: Student led conferences

Teachers will communicate date/time directly with families. Student led conferences are an opportunity for students, teachers, and parents/guardians to share goals, celebrate progress, and discuss academic data from the first nine weeks of school.

Friday, November 11th: E-Learning Day (Staff Professional Development)

Wednesday, November 23rd - Friday, November 25th - NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break

Friday, December 16th: Second Quarter/First Semester Ends

Monday, December 19th - Wednesday, January 4th - NO SCHOOL - Winter Break

Thursday, January 5th: First Day Back from Winter Break

Monday, January 16th: NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Friday, February 17th: E-Learning Day (Staff Professional Development)

Monday, February 20th: NO SCHOOL - President's Day

Tuesday, February 21st: FLEX Day (no school unless needed)

Friday, March 10th: Third Quarter Ends

Monday, March 13th: FLEX Day (no school unless needed)

Friday, March 31st - Friday, April 7th: NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

Monday, April 17th: iLearn Begins (for 2-3 weeks)

Thursday, May 25th: Last Day of School


A Note from the Car Rider Crew


Thank you for working with us each morning to follow our unloading procedures in the interest of safety and efficiency as students arrive to school.

We are asking for your help to continue to:

  • Have your child seated on the passenger side of the car.

  • Teach them to gather their belongings and independently step out of the car onto the sidewalk. (we will be available to lend an extra hand, if needed).

  • Once your vehicle is stopped along the sidewalk within the green cones, allow your child to exit the vehicle.

  • ***We ask that regardless of where you are stopped within the green cones, (toward the front, middle or back of the line), you allow your child to exit when the adults give the signal to do so.

We greatly appreciate your help and consideration!


The TCE Car Rider Line Crew 


Book Fair - Thank you!

Thank you so much for shopping and supporting our TCE Fall Book Fair! It was so fun to see families engaging with and getting excited about books together. The TCE Library earned nearly $2,500 in funds from the Book Fair! That money will be used to purchase new library books and help fund guest authors.

Online shopping for our Fall Book Fair is still open through November 8. If you would like to shop, visit our Book Fair website and click the "Shop Now" button:

See you at Spring Book Fair in April! Happy reading, Cardinals!


Book Reccomenations from your TCE Cardinals


Reading Workshop

By :Emma Beall and Mahlyn Buck

Hi, this article is about our reading workshop. In our reading workshop we have groups we have the red, green, gold, orange, and blue group. We go back in small groups with our teacher in our groups. We have a schedule for reading and this is what ours looks like right now. (Remember to look at the picture under the words). One of our must-dos is to meet with our teacher for small group. In our group we read a book, practice identifying different types of Text Structure like, Comparison/ Contrast, and Cause and effect, Sequence, Problem/Solution. Another must do is Word Work. Word word is different each week. This week we have to underline different types of verbs, and identify past, present, and future tenses. We also do some work with CCW which stands for Commonly Confused Words. We have a reading skill we work on each day and then get to do independent reading, partner reading or sometimes readers theatre.

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Young Hooiser Book Award

By: Keely Leonard

Every year there are twenty picture books nominated to win the Young Hoosier Book Award. Mrs. Hopper the librarian reads them to grades K- 4 . You vote in the spring for your favorite one. In fourth grade there is a special incentive for reading the intermediate books. If you read five intermediate books you get to have a pizza party in the library with the other students who read them. If you read all twenty you get a special surprise. When you read a book you tell Mrs. Hopper a little bit about the book and she will check your name off for that title. This year for the intermediate books instead of voting you get to rate the books. The Young Hoosier Book Award books are a great way to expand your reading genres and branch out.

By: Addie Zollman

The young Hoosier book award is books kids read all through Indiana. There are 20 picture books. There are 20 chapter books too. From the beginning of the school year to spring break we will read these books. Mrs. Hopper the Librarian reads the picture books to us. The fourth graders get to read the chapter books. If you read five chapter books you get to do a voting party in the library. If you read all 20 you get a special surprise. K-4 get to read the picture books. The day before fall break we will vote for the books. All of Indiana kids vote. On Mrs. Hoppers page in Crome she video tapes the books. The picture books are Amy Wou and the patchwork drangon, The camping trip, Danmbi leads the school parade, dinosaurs are not extinct, donut feed the squirrels, Evelyn de Rey is moving away, fuzzy flamingo, hike, I am the storm, kitty and drangon, the magical yet, my very favorite book in the whole world, not a alphabet book the case of the missing cake, on account of the gum, Oona, puppy problems, a rainbow of rocks, so then who is always too loud, there is a skeleton inside you, the word for friend. I am not saying the chapter books. This nomanie is awesome!

By: Avery Andres

This year Ms. Hopper our librarian is doing this new thing with the books in the library. Normally we just read and vote for the picture books in our library, but this year we are voting for the chapter books too. Also we are doing this thing in the library, if you read five of the chapter books you get a pizza party with Ms. Hopper and whoever reads the five books. But also if you read twenty books which is all of them, you get a big surprise!!! Ms. Hopper wants it to be a surprise! I wonder what the surprise is! I think you get some free books at the library! That’s my guess! I love reading books, I hope you do too. I’m going to try and read all twenty!!! There are all kinds of awesome books in the library! And I love this new thing we’re doing in the library! I hope a lot of us get the big surprise!!!

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By: Anna & Brooklyn

Choir is a fun thing to do. We are learning some cool new Instruments. Choir is a club. It is fun and you play and get songs to sing. The songs are Dreams Dreams, Forward , Hurdles , and Hope. Choir is a place where you can sing and dance with FRIENDS and it is so much fun.

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Spell Bowl

By: Haddie Gilmore

In spell bowl we have in person meetings on Mondays and we have are virtual meetings on Thursdays. We get spelling word lists that we practice on are meetings. There are 750 words I know a lot but we only do like 50 for every time after we meet. Every meeting we have a spell bowl quiz but we only have to be quizzed on 10 words. The competition is a bunch of people sit at their own desk and spell words.



By: Keller Jordan

TCE has over 1,000 books. Every cardinal reads many books. A lot of cardinals read Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Below is a picture of the library. Did you know that every classroom at TCE has a library in their room. Mrs. Hopper is our school librarian. She organizes the books by genre and fiction and non fiction. My class loves reading. This school encourages reading.

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By: Madeline Zeha

In library I like to pick my favorite books. I want to read at least 5 of the Young Hoosier books. My favorite so far is Alone in the Woods it is a really good book. It is about to friends and their friendship is going away and then their tube gets separated from their family so they go on this old path and lose track of the path and then they get lost. The other young Hoosier books are good also but Alone in the Woods is my favorite.


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2022-2023 eLearning Days

Elearning days

There are three different Fridays throughout the school year that are designated as E-Learning Days. These days students will NOT be at school, however will have E-Learning assignments. These days will be used for staff development. Students will learn on their own - there will be no scheduled zoom calls. These dates are below and also listed in our IMPORTANT DATES section each week at the bottom of the newsletter.

Friday, September 30th

Friday, November 11th

Friday, February 17th

All assignments for these days will be posted in Canvas...Need help with Canvas? The links below should help!

Parent Resources:

Student Resources:

Log-In Portals:


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Student Handbook

The elementary student handbook for all HSE students is located on the TCE website following the button below to view.