By Chelsea LeBert

Nature of Work

Zoology is a branch of biology that focuses on the study of animals. Zoologists study animals behavior, diseases, and genetic makeup of the animals. Zoologists work at zoo's, labs, or at colleges. They work in any condition, whether its hot, cold, rainy, or snowing. Some zoologists travel to places like Australia to study an animal and they have to live in tents to study them. You need to be good at biology to become a zoologist and need to have an interest in animals of all shapes and sizes, no matter how "scary" they are.


The schools you can attend in Michigan to become a zoologist are: Upper Michigan University, Michigan University, and Andrews University (Last two are located in (Lower Michigan). You need a bachelors degree, but to become a professional, you can get a masters degree. You should have 4 years of college. English, mathematics, biology, physical sciences, geography, creative arts, computers, and health and physical education are important subjects you should study in school.

Personal Impression

Likes: Being a scientist, you are able to travel the world to study animals.

Dislikes: It is hard to fund your research, and most of the time you have to pay for some research costs.

I am interested in the biology of animals and plants and also I like watching the behaviors of animals and how they act in the wild versus ho they act in a habitat.


How much it pays per hour:

Entry Wage: $28.52

Median Wage: $33.17

Experienced: 36.24

How much this job pays per year:

Entry Wage: $59,320

Median Wage: $69,000

Experienced Wage: $75,390

In Michigan you can earn: 66,000 a year.