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Henderson Weekly Newsletter

May 2, 2016

I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.
Alexander the Great

Teach the children so that it will not be necessary to teach the adults.
Abraham Lincoln

Genius without education is like silver in the mine.
Benjamin Franklin

Commit to Excellence- Thank you!

I am so thankful for our Henderson teachers and staff. I appreciate each of you and feel privileged to participate in a week dedicated to honoring you! Our PTO has some wonderful things planned including a meal, drinks, a gift and a massage! Enjoy your week. You deserve it!

This is our last week before STAAR testing in grades 3-5. Please continue to dedicate every minute to meaningful teaching and learning. Keep structures and routines evident and maintain very high expectations. Lessen your teacher talk even more. Enable your students to become independent problem solvers by forcing them to think, even if it requires them to struggle.

Believe in yourselves! Believe in your kids! I believe in you!

Henderson House Rules

Recently there have been areas in the workroom and lounge that were left extremely messy. (coffee stains all over the countertops, as well as food particles in the microwave). Please be considerate of the people who will be utilizing the area after you. The poem below explains it all......

If you sleep on it...make it up.
If you wear it...hang it up.
If you drop it...pick it up.
If you eat out of it...wash it up.
If you step on it...wipe it up.
If you open it...close it.
If you empty it...fill it up.
If you fill it up...empty it.
If you spill it...wipe it up.
If you turn it on...turn it off.
If you make it dirty...wash it.
If you have garbage...trash it.
If it whines...feed it.
If it cries...love it.

Let's apply this to the entire building and teach kids through our own modeling!

GPC Meetings and Retentions

Please start scheduling GPC meetings with myself or Mrs. Rhodes. Try your best to have me meet with English speaking families and Rhodes to meet with Spanish speaking families to assist with communication and make the families feel more comfortable. Some overlap is fine due to scheduling conflicts.

GPC meetings should be held for students who:

  • do not meet PRSP in K-2
  • failed math and/or reading STAAR in 5th grade
  • have failing math and/or reading and writing grades averaged in K-5

Before each GPC meeting please complete the GPC form in Eduphoria.

5th grade should wait until the 2nd administration of STAAR. We will send notes home with testing results to explain the process. However, if a student will have failed due to grades, please go ahead and schedule the GPC meetings.

Summer PD/TED Days

Please submit your TED days into the spreadsheet that was provided by May 20th.


Thank you to Mrs. Rossman and Ms. Felix for putting on a great Zumbathon. We definitely have some families who love zumba! It was a great turnout and fundraiser for Relay. Thank you to Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Rhodes and Mrs. Barron for attending as well!

Jeans on Monday. Thank you for all you do for your kids! You amaze me each and every day!


  • GT Extravaganza will be held on May 25th. Students who have participated in TPSP will display their culminating projects. More information to come.
  • RtI meetings will be held on May 2nd. I will do my best to have someone cover your classes for the meetings.
  • Tutoring schedules have changed due to 5th grade interventions. Please be patient for the next 10 days as tutors work to help our kids meet expectations on STAAR testing in May.
  • Faculty meetings will begin again next week. We have our campus needs assessment and other EOY items to take care of these last weeks of school.

Mark Your Calendar!


2-6 Teacher Appreciation Week!

6 National Nurses Day

6-7 Relay for Life!!

9 STAAR Math 3rd & 4th (5th makeups)

10 STAAR Reading 3rd & 4th (5th makeups)

11 STAAR Science 5th

12 Transition to Kinder Parent Meeting 6-7

16 Rossman baby shower

PTO Meeting *this is a change

17 1st grade program

19 5th grade track meet

20 Henderson Career Day

Kidnap the Teacher

23 Bridal Shower for Kahre & McCown

24 Henderson McTeacher Night

25 GT Extravaganza

27 Field Day

30 Memorial Day Holiday

31 Cici's Pizza (All As and Perfect Attendance All Year Kids)


1 5th Grade Graduation 9:30am 1/2 Awards 1:30pm

2 Kindergarten Graduation 9:30am 3/4 Awards 1:30pm

3 Employee Awards-All employees are expected to attend.

Congratulations to Mrs. Ekeland, Teacher of the Month for May!