Live a good and healthy life

Don't smoke

Smoking kill your lungs

When you smoke the black smoke goes into your lungs and slowly destroys it from the inside out.
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Whats inside a cigarette?

Companies do not want their customers to know their secret recipe. But here is what a person is really inhaling into his/her body when smoking.

Mercury-yes, the poisonous liquid found in thermometers

Nicotine-a chemical that becomes highly addictive and will eventually damage the body

Lead-the highly toxic metal that will cause fatal damage to the brain and other vital organs

Carbon Monoxide-yes, the fatal, odorless gas from car exhaust

Tar-the sticky, highly viscous black substance used for blacktop


  1. 5000 kids age 11-17 try their first cigarette every day
  2. 1200 people die each day from smoking
  3. 1/4 students finish their first cigarette before age 13
  4. ads lure 1/3 of kids into trying tobacco related products
  5. there has been an increase of 300% over the last 20 years in use of spit among kids
  6. 3/14 tobacco smokers who want to quit fail
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How to quit

  • Mental toughness and willpower is key to quitting. If you believe in yourself that you can do it, then you can!
  • Persevere: try, try, and try again! You may not be able to quit on your first try, but you will eventually if you never give up.
  • You don't have to do it alone! Find some help-you can get a counselor or talk to a physician, family member, or friend for advice.
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