Summative Unit 2

by olivia connors

section 1

Human Migration is movement of a group of people one place to another. Usually the group of people move away from there home for benefits such as work or move away because wars, attacks, and drugs. Some also get attracted to certain areas because they have same interest, just like china town they all speak Chinese and have same cultural.

section 2

Everyday people move in and out of towns for each a different reason. Right now Syrian refugees are coming over to our country and other countries because there is war which is making them leave. People also move because their job is making the opportunity.
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section 3

I was in apart of the peasant group, we were poor and we had to figure out how to live being a peasant. Each social group moved around they went back and forth. The powers go all different way because of conflict and cooperation.

A cultural mosaic was created because all the 8Th graders last year moved into Pinkerton from all different schools and towns. It mixes all our experiences from other school and interest that make us become friends.