Rainbow Falls

A technical utopia with everything you'll ever need.

Purpose and Vision

At Rainbow Falls our purpose and vision is to create a place for the general population to get away and live a peaceful, well organized life.

Membership Policy

Once you come to Rainbow Falls, all you have to do is get a job within 2 months of coming. We live by the U.S. laws and of course do not allow any thing that will disrupts someone else's life.


We chose a convenient location of North Carolina and Virginia to capture the essence of all 4 seasons.

Do to Live

As mentioned above, you need a job and you need to follow the rules to maintain a peaceful life.

Activities and Attractions

-Rainbow Falls (naturally colored)

-Various Theme Parks

-Trails and Natural Reserves

-Waterpark at the base of Rainbow Falls (uses its water)

-Weekly "Family Fridays"(to be described)

Weekly Family Fridays

-In Rainbow Park


-All residents welcome

-Games and activities for all ages


Everything is free but the money from your previous life is used as follows...

-80% is kept for you in case of emergency

-The rest goes to the government in exchange for free insurance and health care

- If you commit a crime, you are sent out of Rainbow Falls until your sentence is served

Contact Information


Sarah: 919-676-4079

Eric: 919-892-5344

Daniel: 919-726-7361

Council Members:


Send us an email if you would like to join!!!

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