South Carolina

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Seperation of Colonies

South Carolina became a separate colony from North Carolina in 1712; while North Carolina went on to become a Royal Colony in 1775. South Carolinas original name used to be The Province of South Carolina, and in 1788, it became a state.
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Economy of South Carolina

Our colony was like Pennsylvania at the time; a proprietary colony. Some proprietors of our colony like Cooper, Shaftesbury and Locke were the ones who drafted the Fundamental Constitutions. The Constitution provided us representative government and widespread religious toleration. The Constitution recognized slavery as our colony was the first colony to introduce slavery at the outset. The first settlers arrived in Charles Town in 1670. Charles Town was a good area as it provided us with a good climate, fertile soil, and it allowed us settlers to grow crop for up to 295 days a year. Europeans would arrive and compete with the Indians; Indians wanted European goods, and Europeans wanted a monopoly over Indian products. Carolina Indians took control over trade in the Southeast and vanquish the Spanish by sending other Indian allies to destroy the mission towns. Between the years 1670 and 1715, approximately 25,000 Indians were enslaved and more were killed in slaving raids. Because of this, Native Americans became more violent. Although trading partners for 40 years, the Yamasees and Carolinians had a war because the Carolinians had cheated them out of land and enslaved their women and children.