Fakie,by Aracely


What happen in the scene is when alex and his mother are attack by there enemies,well because the enemies didn't like alex and his mother like he killed alexs father and now he want's to killed the mom too.


Alex and his mother are scared from there enemies becasue they think there going to get killed like alex father

The main problem about alex and his enemie,

the background is wher alex trys to save his mothr, and also he tell hsi friends to help him out because he has no idea what to do,Well he try's to cal the cops but he can't because if he does then his enemie well killed his mom.........,.............

about alex

Alex is a skateboard and hes's really good at it,and suddenly his enemie trys to killed his mother becasue he does not like alex and his mother,but that enemie already killed alex father1