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April 2022

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Principal's Corner

Testing Season

Tests are important because they help our teachers evaluate their student’s needs and progress, our students gauge their own level of mastery, and you as parents monitor his or her child’s progress.

Whether we like or dislike state testing, it is something we have to do. We want our students to have the best education possible in order to excel on their exams, and be prepared for the next grade level.

As a parent there are a few things you can do to also assist your child in preparing for testing. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Ensure that your child is present during testing season. This is a critical time in the year and teachers are trying to teach from bell to bell to get everything in and then begin reviews.

  • Remind your child the test is important. Encourage him/her to do his/her best not only on the test but everyday in class in preparation for them.

  • Maintain a pleasant home environment and avoid unnecessary conflicts. Try to make each morning up to the test and the day of the test a pleasant one. Do not add to your child’s stress. YES, kids get stressed over their exams.

  • Make sure your child gets a good night's sleep every night, and especially the night before a test.

Before the test we will talk about “day before the test” tips. Together we can take some of the stress and anxiety off our kiddos and make testing just another day of learning!

Your Principal,

Reneé Elmore

Dates to Remember:

Apr. 7th: Deadline for Spring Pictures

Apr. 8th: Snow Cone Day $2

Apr. 11th: Progress Reports Posted to Parent Portal
Apr. 12th: Math Mock Test 3rd & 4th Grade
Apr. 13th: Reading Mock Test 3rd & 4th Grade

Apr. 15th: Weather Day-No School
Apr. 20th: Big Kahuna Party Bus

Apr. 20th: Reading Benchmark-2nd Grade
Apr 26th: 3rd Grade PTO Program 9AM & 6PM

Apr. 27th: Math Benchmark-2nd Grade
May 10th: STAAR Math-3rd & 4th Grade
May 11th: STAAR Reading-3rd & 4th Grade
May 12th: Choir & Jammers Performance 9 AM & 6PM
May 13th: Field Day ☀️

May 16th: 4th Grade Visit to Crockett

May 17th: Choir & Jammers to NRH20
May 17th: Kinder Moving Up Ceremony 9AM

May 18th: 1st Grade End of Year Awards

  • 8:15 Ibarra, Kelley, & Macchia
  • 9:30 Jones & Ingram
  • 1:30 Carter & Claibourn

May 19th: 2nd Grade End of Year Awards

  • 8:15 Gunter & Prihoda
  • 9:30 Hooten, Risinger, & Turner
  • 1:30 Keeling & Robertson

May 20th:
Justiss Talent Show

May 23rd: 3rd Grade End of Year Awards

  • 8:15 Brandenburgh, Porcayo, & Fleming
  • 9:30 Peeples, Steed, & McNeal

May 23rd: 4th Grade End of Year Awards

  • 8:15 Rodriguez, Yosten, & Hicks
  • 9:30 Mahon, Langston, & Draper

May 25th: Senior Walk
May 26th: Early Release/Last Day of School
May 27th: Paris High Graduation


Thank you so much to everyone that participated in the fundraiser. Our profit was over $12,000! The new swings and LU system have been ordered. The limo ride is scheduled for April 20th.

Counselor's Connection

A Flicker of HOPE…What a perfect word to focus on during the month of April! The Spring is always a reminder of renewal and new life! As we watch trees bud and flowers bloom and grass go from dormant to brilliant green, we are reminded that there are times of waiting for things to appear, grow and change..just like within all of us! Hope is believing something good can come out of adversity. Hope is essential to life! Without it, we simply can’t survive. To empower and embrace your children’s strengths and overcome life’s adverse situations, here are some HOPE building tips…

  • Encourage focus on their strengths: Positively reinforce, when they do something well. This sends the message they have gifts to pass along to others, and the ability to face their challenges. Each day have them identify something that went well or they enjoyed. SEE THE GOOD!

  • Limit exposure to social media: Social media leads to a constant state of comparison for which a child may never feel they can measure-up. Limit time on social media and engage in positive activities that keep them active, connected with others, and that enhance their strengths.

  • Reach out for support: It’s always okay to ask for help and children should do so when feeling sad, angry, depressed, confused, left-out, etc. Encourage your children to reach out to a HOPE BUILDER..and also become one…HOPE builds HOPE!

  • Put challenges into perspective: Everything can seem like a big deal!” All-or-nothin” and “black and white” thinking can lead to decreased self-confidence, depression, anxiety, and/or anger…Have children ask themselves, “is this a catastrophe I can do nothing about…or is this a bump in the road that requires some problem solving?”Then help them to seek out beneficial and practical solutions!


Mrs. Irwin & Mrs. Little….Justiss School Counselors

Congratulations to our February GROWL Award Recipient ⭐Mrs. Peeples⭐

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