Anything But Typical

By; Nora Raleigh Baskin


The book: Anything But Typical by Nora Raleigh Baskin is magnificent. The main character Jason Blake finds problems between himself and the real world. Jason has ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), that makes him understand differently from most typical people. Jason lives in a neurotypical world but, Jason speaks him "own" language. The way he uses his language as a translator to understand what he learns. Jason's family is very supportive and encouraging, he has a younger brother(Jeremy) his mother, and his dad.

Jason Is writer and is eager to update on his story board account. Jason meets a girl, Rebeca, who Jason tells one of his allies, that she is his girlfriend. Jason ends up becoming more connected with his mom because she understands him more. At a convention Jason starts to give up on writing to fit in more, towards the end of the story, Jason uses his character(Bennu) to explain that he ended up being wrong and should not change who he is.

Jason's Conflicts Throughout The Book

The character Jason Blake from Anything But Typical by Nora Raleigh Baskin, struggles with school, friends, and family. emotions. Another struggle Jason faces throughout the book is how he gets made fun of in school. For example, "In second grade Mathew Iverson sent around a note saying if you think Jason Blake is a retard, sign this, and Matthew got sent to the principal's office which only made things worse for Jason."(2) This piece of text evidence proves that Jason has a conflict at school. Another conflict Jason faces throughout the book is friends. For example, "I was pretty I am not on Aron Miller's buddy list, even though he is on mine."(11) This statement claims that Jason has trouble making friends because he has someone on his buddy list even though he isn't on theirs. The last conflict Jason faces throughout the book is Family. For example, "Don't worry I won't tell you kicked seth."(74) This proves that Jason has trouble with family because he kicked his cousin (seth).

Character Analysis

Jason Blake is a 12 year old boy who suffers from A.S.D. (autistic spectrum disorder). Jason is a character that needs understanding to make the reader have empathy. Jason is a writer who refers to himself to get people to understand the way he does, this make Jason smart. For example, "Then Bennu goes to the doctor's office and this is what he says: Sorry Doc.(195) I changed my mind. This is who I am. This is me." This example shows that Jason's uses Bennu to give the message, that he is staying the way he is. That's the character analysis for Jason.


The setting of the story is mostly school and on his home. Jason spends a lot of time at school because he thats where some conflicts happen. The author uses school to show how Jason understands/learns, and how he is treated. At home Jason spends a tremendous amount of time writing and being critique on storyboard. The author uses home to show how Jason is outside of school and how he is around family.


The plot of Anything But Typical is how Jason tries to change who he is. As the story progresses Jason realizes how many problems he has and how people can't understand him, which makes him want to change. Jason tries ton give up writing, which is one of his most best skills. At the climax Rebecca, and Jason's mom makes Jason feel like he is all that he needs to be. At the end of the story Jason realizes that being himself is what makes him, himself.


The theme for Anyth