Addams Staff Newsletter

October 12, 2015

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Principal's Message

Dear Addams Staff,

Our first Addams Family Circle meeting was a huge success! Thank you to our PBIS team that put in a lot of hard work and effort to make this the special event that it was! Also, thank you to all of our Family Circle Teachers for being so flexible and doing a wonderful job welcoming all of our students during our Family Circle meetings!

In an effort to create an avenue for staff to recognize each other for positive things, I’ve created the “Addams Spotlight.” I encourage you to take 10 seconds to recognize other colleagues. Click on the link below to add comments:

Also, click on the "Youanes Addams Calendar" link below to view my updated Google Calendar. You can also click on the "Addams Building Calendar," below to review the most updated events going on at Addams!

Addams Updates and Reminders

Teacher Evaluation:

If you have not logged into Teachscape yet, please do so ASAP! Click on the link below to view the activation guide and follow the steps provided in that document.

Click on the links below to review more Teacher Evaluation documents:

Teachscape Activation Guide:

New Teacher Eval Rubric:

Danielson Domain Overview:

Student Growth Goals: We will discuss SLO goals further at our next Late Start PD

SLO/Smart Goals
  • Introduction to SLO document (MDE resources)
  • Teacher creates two goals in two different subject areas.
  • Specials teachers create two goals for their subject area.
  • Teachers choose which tools to use to measure their goals: AIMS web, DRA, NWEA, MLPP, Math pre/post test, etc; two data sources for each goal.

Lunch: Please be sure to take accurate lunch counts each day for the next day so that we have the correct amount of lunches available to students in both of our lunch times. Check the Addams Game Plan, within the Schedules folder to view our lunch schedule for the 2015-2016 school year.

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Addams PBIS Updates

Addams Family Circles:

Please spend some time reviewing the information below regarding our PBIS program and our new Addams Family Circles! Our first Family Circle meeting was a success!

PBIS October Newsletter:

September PBIS Agenda:

September PBIS Minutes:

October PBIS Agenda:

Addams Bucks Trade In:

We will be having our Addams Bucks Trade in on Friday, October 16 at lunch. Shannon Bowman will be stationed in the lunchroom (Gym). Please have students come down to lunch with their Addams Bucks. We have prizes for 1 and 2 full bucks. Shannon will be keeping the bucks that are turned in on this day.

Mrs. Woodford made some more Addams Bucks last week and they are in the bin near the Think Tank. We will try to have this trade in once a month and will evaluate the number of Addams Bucks traded into determine if we need to make this once a week instead. Thanks to Andrea Doody for taking the time to order some really FUN stuff for our students!

Addams FC #1

Curriculum and Instruction Updates

Curriculum and Instruction October Newsletter: Click on the link below to view the August 2015 newsletter created by Lisa Shannon:

District Math Memo:

Elementary Assessment Calendar:

District Writing Memo:

Kindergarten Assessment Calendar: Click on the link to review the Kindergarten assessment calendar for the 2015-2016 School Year:

MDE: Spotlight on Assessment and Accountability- October 1, 2015: Your source for important student assessment and accountability information.

Formative Assessment PD


Email me and let me know if you're interested in joining me in this 3 day PD on formative assessments.

Addams Learners in Action

Addams Tech Tips

Google Help: Click on the link to sign up for some Google help from Mr. Youanes:

Color Code Email Labels:

Color Code Google Drive Folder:

Addams Recycling Program

On Monday, Addams will begin recycling our styrofoam lunch trays. A short video was created to introduce this idea to our students. Please try to find time in your morning to show your class this video. The video is 3 minutes long and will hopefully make this new piece of our recycling program go more smoothly on its first day.

This is the link to the video...

Addams Elementary Recycles!

Twitter @ Addams!

Follow the #AddamsLearners on Twitter and stay updated on the wonderful happenings at Addams Elementary! Also, check out the first page of this newsletter to follow some of our Addams Educators on Twitter.

If you decide to join Twitter at this point, please follow so we can follow back!

Click on the image to view more pictures from our #AddamsLearners!

Twitter for Teachers: A Quick Start Guide:

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