B.B. King

By Matthew Zapf, Siera Lang

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Early Life

  • King was born on a cotton plantation in Bene Mississippi
  • King's parents split up when he was four and he worked as a local farmer until he was 13 when his father took him back to live with him in Indianola.
  • King's mom died when he was nine and he lived with his grandmother


  • B.B. King played guitar when he was younger and there is conflicting information to where he learned guitar.
  • He lived with his second cousin who was a blues guitar player
  • King took piano lessons

Time Period

  • B.B King was born in September 16, 1925
  • The world war two had ended in 1945
  • There was the civil rights movement in 1960
  • When king got his first guitar he was not allowed to play jazz. At this time period, Jazz was viewed as the "Devils music"
  • Television was on the rise in the 1950's

Their Music

  • B.B. King was a blues singer and guitarist
  • B.B King records a song for the first time
  • 1954 - King came out with his first hit which was a version of "Three O'clock Blues" originally by Lowell Folsum
  • 1956-"Everyday I Have the Blues"
  • 1964-"Rock me Baby"
  • 1989-"The Thrill is Gone"

Interesting Facts

  • He won 15 Grammys for his music and he is in the Blues Foundation of Hall of Fame and he is in the Rock Hall of fame
  • He had 15 children
  • King was the grandfather of 50 children
  • He was married twice
  • His electric guitar was named Lucille

BB King- The Thrill IS Gone

BB King - The Thrill Is Gone