Oxygen Man & Helium Woman

The Great Superheros of the Periodic Table

Oxygen Man's Introduction

Element: Oxygen

Atomic #- 8 Atomic weight- 15.9994 Period #- 2 Symbol~ O

Oxygen Man’s element is Oxygen. Oxygen Man was first discovered by Joseph Priestley and Carl Wilhelm in 1774. Oxygen Man is a superhero, his powers are breathing into peoples lungs and increasing their breathing if they have weak lungs. Also Oxygen Man is used for other important uses too, such as making up 21% of Earths atmosphere and he is part of the air that people breathe.

Helium Woman's Introduction

Element: Helium

Atomic #- 2 Atomic weight- 4.002602 Period #- 1 Symbol~ He

Helium Woman’s element is Helium. Helium Woman was first discovered by Pierre Janssen and Norman Lockyer in 1868. Helium Woman is a superhero, her powers are blowing into blimps if damaged. Finally, Helium Womens important uses are used to inflate blimps and balloons and she also makes up 0.0005% of Earths atmosphere.