Apartheid In Africa

Andrew McGowan Nick Root

Overview Definition

Apartheid in South Africa affected many people. Apartheid was when the Afrikaner party segregated the blacks. The blacks had to do things such as drink from different water fountains and live in separate towns

South Africa Today

South Africa today has improved a lot since apartheid. Black South Africans now have the same amount of rights as whites in South Africa. The conditions improved and life has been made easier for people is South Africa.


Apartheid had many effect on the government in South Africa. The government had made the black africans not have many rights at all compared to whites in South Africa. The government allowed whites to be obeyed by blacks.


The economy during the apartheid was very por and people couldn't afford much. Blacks struggled to get jobs and if they did have them they would get payed little to no money.


During apartheid since blacks were had such little power and little rights, they were treated poorly by most because it was law. Blacks without their passbooks could be arrested or beaten. An example is the Sharpeville massacre, when blacks were protesting by purposely getting arrested by not have their passbooks. The government thought this was violent and killed many including women and children.
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