Jennifer McCurdy

Early Life

Jennifer McCurdy was born in Newport, Rhode Island in 1955. She is still alive today and is currently located in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts. She became interested in pottery because of her grandmother. McCurdy's grandmother collected interesting and different looking vases. McCurdy attended Michigan State where she specialized in porcelain. She later went to Florida Atlanta University to do undergraduate work.


Jennifer McCurdy's pottery has a unique style just like most artist do. She like to model her pots off of objects and patterns in nature. Each of the pictures above are designed after objects in nature. I really like the Tsunami bowl because it looks exactly like an intense wave crashing down. The sharp points on the wave give it the vivid look of a tsunami wave. I also like the other two pots because they have more cut outs. They are see through and and create unusual shapes. McCurry said she tries to make shadows out of the forms she uses. The function of her bowls are not to eat out of but more for decoration especially the ones that have cut outs all the way to the bottom. The Butterfly Wind Vessel and Wheat Bottle use shape for one element. The Tsunsmi Bowl uses form. The way the clay is curved to make it look like a wave.