Patterson Staff FYI

A Weekly Newsletter for Staff Members 10-17-16

A Peek at the Week

Monday, 10-17, B Day

Peg at 5D+ in Birmingham

Preschool at the Detroit Zoo

Tuesday, 10-18, C Day

Wednesday, 10-19, D Day

SAT Meeting 7:45

Data Day for Kindergarten and Fifth Grade

Thursday, 10-20, A Day - Jean Day!

Staff Meeting-

  • Margaret (Holly Township Library Updates)
  • Pat Aumadine (Holly Farmers Insurance - Rewarding Heroes with $100!)
  • Robin Rees (District Nurse - Latex allergy updates and Epi-Pen Training for all staff)

Data Day for First and Third Grade

"A" Day Coverage for Planning Time

  • 3rd Grade-8:55-9:55 in the Art Room and Classroom Tech Lab (Pillowcase Project)
  • 2nd Grade- 10:00-11:00 in the Art Room and Classroom Tech Lab (Pillowcase Project)
  • Young Fives 2:00-2:30 in the Music (Fire Safety) We will pick up. You come get them.
  • First Grade 2:30-3:00 in the Music (Fire Safety) You bring them to us. We will bring back.

Friday, 10-21, B Day

Jean Day

Data Day for Second/Fourth Grade

Monster Mash 6-8:30

The Pillowcase Project

I have a arranged for Red Cross Volunteers to present The Pillowcase Project (Sponsored by Disney) which is geared towards 2nd - 5th grades. This disaster preparedness presentation is aligned with Common Core in Math and Language Arts and Next Generation Science Standards. Their Learn. Practice. Share format will teach the students how they and their households can best prevent, prepare for and escape from a home fire, what causes natural hazards, coping and calming during emergency and stressful situations, and much more. The tools Red Cross will equip them with during the presentation will be packed up into their pillowcase to take home! (Please thank Mrs. Schrieb - Airis and Trenton's Mom and our Grange Hall Crossing guard - for passing this information along - it looks like an amazing presentation!)

Marvelous Math Winners

Please send the winners to the office right after announcements.

Booher/O'Neil-Anna Ashley

Church-Cooper Barnette

King-Brooke Quick

Marion-Charlie Breeding

Dannecker-Chloe Marcell

Lawrence-Jaelynn Mortinsen

Silvey-Lauren Deland

Crowder-Olivia McDowell

Goings-Joshua Thomason

Graham-Sahara Lucius

Shepherd-Jessica Stubbert

Day-Sam Brody

Dolloff-Ethan Preston

Borucki-Marissa Sweany

Hutchins-Jenna Wiley

O'Brien-Noah Sapelak

Raymoure-Rhea Treece

Teffer-Olivia Benavides

Math Problems for the Week

Please bundle the answer sheets together with the winner clearly indicated on the top. Have them in the office math bucket by Wednesday afternoon.


In my lunchbox, I had 4 grapes and 3 raisins. Draw these in your lunchbox. Circle the item that had fewer snacks.


Our class had 6 pumpkins. On Monday, Jimmy brought in 1 more pumpkin. On Tuesday Barry brought in 2 more pumpkins. On Wednesday, Sarah brought in 3 more pumpkins. How many pumpkins do we have now?


Mrs. Goings caught 12 baseballs during the first game of the day. She caught some more during the second game of the day. If she caught 19 baseballs during both games, how many did she catch in the second game?


Draw and label a tape diagram to solve the following problem; Jayden has 6 cars. Each car has 4 wheels. How many wheels are there altogether?


Abe, Jayden, Chase and Gabby were throwing a football. Abe threw the ball 12 feet farther that Jayden. Jayden threw it 8 feet further than Chase. Chase threw it 5 feet less than Gabby. Gabby threw the ball 62 feet. How far did Abe throw the ball?


Jim bought his twin sister Molly 3 gifts costing $24 each and his other twin sister Mary 5 gifts at $18 each. How much more money did he spend on Mary’s gifts then Molly’s?

Staff Meetings and More

October 25th- Square One Art Due

October 26th- Red Wings Assembly 9:45-10:45

Wear jeans and Holly/Red Wings Red

Officer Houck visits

Staff Meetings

October 27th (This staff meeting will replace our Nov. 3rd meeting)

  • Lauren will be joining us with additional Illuminate training

November 10, 17

December-8, 15

January-12, 19

February-2, 9, 16, 23

March-2, 9, 16, 23, 30

April-13, 20

May 4, 11, 18, 25

June 1, 8

Growth Plan Hints

If you are in the process of revising or completing your Growth Plan the following was shared with me by a staff member as well as my trainer on Wed:

After choosing your Area of Focus there is a Comment Section that follows right underneath. In the comments section you can refer to your 1 page front and back handout of Instructional Best Practices which includes Vision and Guiding Questions for all dimensions. In the comment section you can choose the Vision(s) that correlate to your Area of Focus and then follow up with Guiding Questions that correspond to your Area of Focus as well.

Then when you scroll further down to the Goal - include where you are at (Basic or Proficient) and where you want to move to (Proficient or Distinguished) and include the wording from the indicator of where you want to be in May.

Lastly, list your Action Steps for how you are going to progress in your Area of Focus.

Murder Mystery Dinner

Please consider participating by:

*Attending the event

*Obtaining a donation of a gift card that can be included in the "Date Night" Raffle

*Monetary Donation (Does anyone wants to start up a collection for staff donations?)

Happy Birthday To

Brenda Jarrett 10-20

Dyan Sweany 10-23

Jan Graham 11-10

Jennifer Klein 11-21

Polly Cornwell 11-22

Cheryl Tessens 11-23

Karin Perrine 11-26

Kristen Gabany 11-29

Broadcasting/Pledge Schedule

Week of:

October 17-O'Brien

October 24-Hutchins

October 31-Hutchins

Bus Duty Schedule

AM Bus Duty 8:40-8:45

Renee Riefe or Sara McDowell

PM Bus Duty 3:56-Until Buses are gone. Rotation by Grade Level

Week of:

October 10-Fifth Grade

October 17-Kindergarten/Y5

October 24-First Grade

October 31-Second Grade