Alfred Binet

Alfred Binet was born on July 11, 1857. Binet is Considered one of the most infulential psychologist in history. His father was a Physician and his mother was and artist. Binet's early support of Charcot's research on hypnotism resulted in professional embarrassment when Charcot's ideas were proven faulty under closer scientific evaluation. He soon turned his interest toward the study of development and intelligence, often basing his research on observations of his two daughters. He also studied sexual behavior in which he called “erotic fetishism". Psychologist Alfred Binet studied the development of intelligence, and showed that humans are capable of abstract image-free thought. He is best known for his work on standardized intelligence testing, which began by measuring the circumference of school children's skulls and comparing this data to teachers' assessments of which children were "smart" and which were "stupid".
One of Alfred Binet's interesting fact is Binet studied sexual behavior, coining the term erotic fetishisms and linking this to the after –effects of early impressions in an anticipation of Freud.