BY Jacob Walker

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What is the role of DNA in Biotechnology

DNA is a big part of Biotechnology cause the DNA is what controls the cells functions.The DNA is what gives the cell its job in the body.

How is Biotechnology used in DNA testing

Biotechnology use for DNA testing is that your DNA fingerprint everyones fingerprint is different. That is cause of are DNA that we get from are parents the DNA from that makes what your body is like body shape size toes and hands but your fingerprint is what make you out from everone else. So by using ink and puting your fingerprint it can

Biotechnology used in the health industry

Your DNA from your parents can be a good thing cause say if the came across being sick and having some type of flu well that is in your body not to get that flu cause your DNA from ur parnets fought that bad flu off ahead of time

How is biotechnology used in agriculture?

By using a plants DNA and making more of that organism's DNA and reproducing that organism to make more of its kind.

How is biotechnology used in the environmental clean -up

By using the earth's natural resources and making other natural things to replace things that human population has destroyed we can replace it with a Biotechnology and DNA replacer.

What are the potential negative impacts of biotechnology

That all the things that we replace with Biotechnology are going to be half real not fully and not natural plus it takes a long time to replace items with biotechnology.

A career in the fields of medicine, agriculture, genetics

Marine Biologist watches animals in lakes and oceans makes sure that they are not being over fished and makes sure that noting happens in the water that it lives in.

Research centers in North Carolina where Biotechnology is focused

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North Carolina's national rank in Biotechnology

It is the 10th.