Roman vs US

ideas of citizenship, Law, & Justice

Citizens of Rome

Citizenship belonged to all free, law-abiding ppl

The rights are: able to vote, hold offices, Own property & write contracts, & Go to court

Not all Equal

Male citizens have all the rights, Women have limited rights ex. no voting or govrnment offices, Slaves were property almost no rights, & Freedmen were former slaves with limited rights

The children of freedmen & women would be born as full Roman citizens. What connections can you draw between the freedmen children & the United States?

A connection that i can draw between the freedmen children & the United States is that if a child is born a country that child is a citizen of that country nomater who the parents are , but the parents DO NOT be come citizens.

Follow the laws

Focus on :

  1. Marriage
  2. Inheritance
  3. Contracts


Rome Justice

Natural law giving every citizen rights- connected to life , liberty, & pursuit of happiness.

Where do we see that in the United States?

We see it in the decollation of independence.

Judges made court decisions from trials & evidence.


Fit the crime committed


Banishment have to leave Rome


Execution if guilty of treason

Patricide killing your father, was punished by being drowned in a river

Slaves were beaten, harder work, or often crucified