Holiday Specials

The Gift of Confidence this Season

Cyber Holiday Skincare Specials

Overview of Specials!

NEW Preferred Customers: The one-time Preferred Customer fee of $19.95 is WAIVED November 29-December 3. This unlocks 10% off forever and free shipping on all orders $80+.

Free Multi-Function Eye Cream: Spend $200 November 29-December 3 and get a FREE eye cream! ($64 value)

Love the products and the mission? Become a consultant and be eligible for up to $5K in bonuses!

For more specials, JOIN my team's VIRTUAL EVENT (Nov. 29-Dec. 2) and find the deal for you or win a gift!

Join our Cyber Sale Weekend Virtual Event!

You know you want something to change in your skin.

You may even want something to change in your life, but have never considered the possible vehicle for change.

Or you are looking for a specific "SALE" that isn't posted here.

By your request, I will add you to our Cyber Sale Weekend virtual event. All deals are good through December 2nd!

Meet Doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields Rodan + Fields

Need Gift Ideas for Yourself or Others?

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Become a Preferred Customer!

Whether it’s the fine lines and wrinkles….

The dark marks/uneven tone that looks like a mustache or beard too dark to cover...

The dull and tired skin…

The breakouts or acne scarring that is so frustrating because you’re not a teen anymore…

Or the sensitive skin that has you believing that you can’t change anything you do or your skin will freak out!

Drs. Rodan and Fields are steadfast that the skincare regimen is the core of their brand, and they believe this is the first purchase customers should make to see results.

When my customers reach out to me, it’s because they are ready for Rodan+Fields to be their solution.

When customers see results, they FEEL differently. And it is amazing what happens when you FEEL better about yourself.

If that kind of change and confidence is something you’ve been looking for, give yourself the gift of R+F this season. If you've not tried R+F, take the doctors' recommendation and start with a skincare regimen. Nov. 29-Dec. 3 become a Preferred Customer and your one time fee of $19.95 will be WAIVED. Remember, there is a 60 day money-back guarantee! What do you have to lose! (And, consider adding another product because customers who spend over $200 will get a FREE eye cream ($64 value).

Melissa Norris, Executive Consultant

After learning about R+F and loving it on my face, I said "Why not?" and jumped in as a consultant as a way to keep Jason from working OT and off-duty which came as a huge expense of TIME in the eyes of two little boys. The discount and a great reason to try "all the things" didn't hurt either! ;)

But on this journey I found a greater purpose. Helping others--watching them get results and find their confidence is VERY bucket filling for me! But, I also found a better version of myself. This "life-changing skincare" is not just a cliche--I've found best friends, worked to better myself, and feel like I'm living my best life! Surrounded by others finding the same and cheering them on is a blast!

Whether you're a customer or not, I am thankful for each of you!