The Experience of Paris

Fun fashion food festival Paris

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Have you ever been in desperate need of clothes, or been hungry for something new, or wanted to go on that “ special date. “ Well come here and check out Paris


A French buffet awaits every guest. Every morning there are many places to go for great food. Some of the shops are only open in the morning.

Paris is full of many small bakeries. All of which are full of baked goods. All of these are also on the side of the streets convenient to real y anone.

If you like pizza then you will love paris. They have some good pizza mostly in cafes and restaurants. The most famous pizza is called The Pink Flamingo.

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You have to go shopping, how couldn’t you with all the beautiful dresses and professional suits. There are many luxury brands with great quality taste. Paris has great taste in fashion and you have to dress out for the night. If not wanting to look fancy and expensive there’s plenty of sportswear to dress into.`
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So after you go eat and shop you would want to experience some activities.

So you can go to a festival and there are lots events every month, this month there is a big book fair and you can shop for bigs books all around the world for cheap prices.

There is usually a big marathon going on. The one this month (March) there is a marathon of 21.1 kilometers.

After all the day's excitements you can take a chilling ride down the Seine river in a boat ride for an hour for as low as 5 euros and after the boat ride you can have a chilling experience at the Eiffel tower so you can have that date you have been planning when you go to Paris.


I hope you enjoyed our brochure of Paris and so if you liked it please go to Paris and enjoy all the things we said.

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