Welcome to YOUR Le-Vel Journey!

Helping Others Live a Life They Deserve!

We are so excited you have chosen to share the Thrive Experience! Here are some of the first things we want you to know:

1) Being a promoter of the Thrive Experience means you focus on SHARING a product designed to give your body what it needs to operate at its maximum potential. Notice we use the word SHARE...because this really isn't about SELLING at all!

2) You have the opportunity to earn your product FREE every month as well as helping your customers Thrive for FREE!

3) You are eligible to earn LIFE CHANGING commissions and bonuses in sharing this opportunity and product! We want you to know you are NOT in this alone and have an amazing upline of support surrounding you! Here are a few things to get your business off to a FANTASTIC start!

Who is ready to earn up to $1300 in your first 14 days as a Promoter?

Now, let’s discuss the Le-Vel VIP Fast Start Bonuses!

1. You only have 14 days from the first day you place your order.

2. VIP 800 earns you up to $560 cash and $100 free product credit

3. VIP 1600 earns you up to $560 cash and $100 free product credit AGAIN!

For your first goal:

**Share this with your friends and family! Since you don't have your own personal testimony yet, use the Le-Vel fan page on Facebook, www.facebook.com/LevelBrands, and share any testimony you see. Just be sure and attach your referral link so they can order from you! Ask your 80K and 200K for simple posts to share on Social Media and with your friends and family! We are here to help you Succeed!

FOR VIP BONUS ~ $800 in qualified orders = upto $660 in bonuses back too YOU!!

Let's break it down:

**Share with 2 Individuals that are ready to financially change their future and help others live the life they deserve by sharing the Thrive Experience. These 2 business partners must purchase a Upgrade Package! ($100, $200, 400, or $800)
*Must be a Upgrade Package to count towards VIP bonus

**Share with 2 Friends and Family members that are exhausted and need the Thrive Experience in their lives and they order their 30 day Supply on AutoShip.
*Must be on AutoShip to qualify
*AutoShip is not a commitment it is an instant savings (edit, pause or cancel anytime)

These 4 Individuals (2 Customers & 2 Promoters) and a total of $800 in online sales = VIP 800 Bonus for YOU!
You earn: $400 as a cash bonus, $100 in product credits and your Commissions!

IMPORTANT: only NEW customer orders on AUTOSHIP count for VIP bonuses.

Example...if customer A places an order on autoship that is counting for your VIP and then decides to place an additional order the second order will not count as a qualified order.

Also...if a customer converts to a promoter during your VIP period that existing customer volume will go away but their PROMOTER PACK volume WILL count in your qualification. It is very important to watch the LIVE tracking of your VIP 800 bonus in your cloud office! If in doubt...please contact your up-line sponsor!

We do NOT want you to miss out on your bonus opportunity...Reach out to your upline for help anytime and all the time!

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How do you get paid by Le-Vel?

Log into your Cloud Office, go to my commissions and follow the prompts to set up an account with Payoneer and have commissions deposited directly into your checking account (I would not do the pre-paid MC option).

Our pay period runs Monday 12:01am EST to Sunday 12:00am EST so if you hit these goals by Sunday you get paid Tuesday! Yes it's that simple!!

We are paid at 1pm EST every Tuesday!

Now it is time to SHARE with your world!

Now it is time to SHARE with YOUR world!

I like to follow the Information Funnel to Success!

Share Paul & Jason's 24 Recorded call 1-641-715-3659,,,137907#

This is great to give to potentials immediately. ALSO go to the Le-vel fan-page http://www.facebook.com/levelbrands and invite the prospect to LIKE it...this is a great place where they will read stories & get even more curious! Then get them on a 3 way call with your Up-Lines!

How do you make a 3 way call? Call your prospect then Touch the “add call” on your phone and call us...then click merge calls!

Get the phone numbers of your personal Upline Leaders 12K, 40K, 80K and 200Ks and here is my info as well as my sponsor uplines information!

817-709-3662 Mitzi Driver

817-658-8532 Amber Mainquist
817-554-4162 Steffanie Kantosky

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Thrive Experience Instructions!

Step 1: Take 1-2 Capsules on Empty stomach before your feet hit the floor in the morning!
Step 2: 20-40 mins later drink your Lifestyle Shake Mix in water
Step 3: Apply DFT foam to a clean dry high blood flow area on body like bicep, forearm, upper hip area

When starting the product, it is recommended to start with only 1 capsule to make sure there is no sensitivity to these raw, pure ingredients. It is important to rotate the DFT and not put in the exact same spot to avoid irritation. The DFT can get wet and can be worn during showering and bathing. It may be worn for 24 hours, then remove it and replace with a new one.

Remember don't try to be a product expert! You are simply a promoter of something that has worked well for you! We always say.."The Thrive Experience really can't be described...it just has to be experienced!"

Remember DO NOT make medical claims or guarantees. The Thrive Experience is simply bridging nutritional gaps and we are finding thousands of people are LOVING their Thrive Experience! It's simply helping them live the life they deserve!

GREAT Product Call with our CEO Jason Camper!

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I am so excited for your Journey with Le-Vel and the Thrive Experience!

Please contact me if you need anything!

~ Mitzi Driver