Yancey Adult Learning Newsletter

Week of January 19, 2015

Thoughts for the Week

I hope you all enjoyed your three day weekend. We're halfway done with the year. Hard to believe! I continue to be impressed with the work that you've done this year. Within the last two weeks, I've seen awesome projects going on in every single classroom, and the midyear data is coming in strong. I have great hopes for the rest of the year. Please remember to let me know when your team would like to take their day of planning. Staying on course through the winter is crucial to our success in finishing the school year.

Please make sure when you are preparing your report cards you consider:

Do my students know what this report card communicates about their learning?

Does this report card reflect as best as it can what my students know, understand and can do?

Will the parents of my students know from my comments that I know their student well and care about their learning?

Have a great week!

Shout Outs

Jean - a fantastic 2/3 program last week!

Viola - for always making sure the Head Starters are included and feel a part of Yancey!

JABA - for bringing their seniors to our school and getting even more FISH volunteers!


Craig at a Principal's Meeting 1/20 leaving at 11:00.

Still need to do a January Fire Drill.

Report Card Timeline

Quarter ends – 1/16
Drafts due to me 1/28
Revisions back to you by 1/30
We will print on Monday 2/2 at 10AM
Go Home 2/3

Newsletter Updates:

If you have announcements, pictures, or shout outs, please send to Craig.

If you have events for the calendar, please send to Jennifer Wilkes or Cathy Martin.

Upcoming Events

Faculty Meeting - Vocabulary

Thursday, Jan. 22nd, 2:45pm

Room 10

Spelling Bee

Friday, Jan. 30th, 9am


TA Meeting

Monday, Jan. 26th, 1:15pm

Room 10

Calendar for 14-15

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