ENSC Family Notes

August 5, 2015


The 2015-2016 school year has arrived and our teachers, support staff, and facilities are ready for your students to begin. We are excited to have students return to the buildings and get involved with their studies and activities at their schools.

iPads Going Home

Something new this year.....our Kindergarten through 4th grade students will be taking their iPads home daily. Last year we were able to send the iPads home during eLearning days and several other times. We were very impressed with the way the students cared for the device, used the device for their studies, and returned them safely.

With some internal ENSC infrastructure changes, we are able to send the iPads home daily this year. This will make future eLearning days run much more smoothly. You will not see these go home until the students have had appropriate time at school to learn or revisit proper care of their device, using the apps on their device, and having a clear understanding of the safe use of the device in a digital world.

Safety First and Always

This summer our KPD School Resource Officers (SRO) were recognized at the National Association of School Resource Officers Conference for having one of the ten best SRO programs in the nation. Thank you to Sgts. Dixon and Shearer, and Officer Scare for your dedication and commitment to ensuring our students are safe, and for the support you provide to them and their families everyday!

(Pictured below: Brian Leitch, ENSC Business Manager; Sgt. Dixon; Sgt. Shearer; Officer Scare, and Matt Stinson, ENSC Safety Coordinator/Special Education Coordinator/ALC Administrator.)

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ENSC transports nearly 3,000 students to and from school daily. It is amazing the number of homes and bus stops that our drivers visit along with the number of students each driver transports. Most drivers have two bus routes they drive; one for elementary and one for secondary. Our drivers are charged with knowing each and every student they transport and their pick up and drop off location. There are numerous students who are picked up in one location and dropped off at a second location. Based on our Board policy, this can be changed from week to week. (Students are to be picked up and/or dropped off at the same location Monday - Friday each week.) Knowing which students are on their bus and knowing when/where they are to be picked up and dropped off daily can be a challenge and our drivers meet that challenge very well.

There are times that some people confuse "public" transportation with "school" transportation. ENSC is responsible to safely transport students from the time they are picked up until they are dropped off at their stop ensuring each child is correctly picked up and correctly dropped off. As a precaution, drivers are mandated to have a daily roster of students riding the bus in case of an emergency. Keeping this count/ridership is difficult if students are constantly changing busses. Consistency in these locations supports a safe and timely route for a student. Public transportation does not have that same responsibility. Drivers do not have ownership in their ridership and do not need to worry about where a passenger is dropped off.

ENSC cares about the safety of its students. Structure and consistency create a safe transportation environment that is dependable for families and dependable for our drivers. With the five day drop off/pick up policy, we realize some families must sacrifice their time to pick up a child at a location that may not be convenient. Often this occurs when a child stays with mom but wants to be dropped off at dads every other weekend. These types of requests are very difficult to honor, especially when we are committed to the safe and timely transportation of students.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as bus routes are determined.


Yes, I think I can hear some families taking a deep breath on this topic.

We have heard from many families their concern for short summers. One way we can keep summer as long as possible is to reduce the number of days that need to be made up due to weather cancellations. Last year, we were able to save four days of summer by holding eLearning days. We have worked through some of the challenges with eLearning that we previously experienced which includes sending iPads home daily with our K-4 students.

ENSC has made the decision to hold eLearning days on each cancelled school day. This should guarantee the school year to end on Friday, May 27. Below are some thoughts; however, more information will be shared in the near future.

1. ENSC has a scheduled eLearning day on October 30.

2. Buildings will be hosting meetings to help parents better understand how to access PowerSchool and Canvas to check students grades and assignments.

3. Assignments for eLearning will be posted to Canvas (grades 5-12) or Google Docs (grades K-4) for students to access by 9 a.m. on the eLearning day.

4. Students who do not have Internet access at home will work with the teachers to have extended time to complete assignments. Buildings will be open after school for a few days following an eLearning day to provide students access to the Internet and time to complete assignments.

We have heard from many parents of students in grades K-12 who become frustrated helping their children with their eLearning work. A part of educating students is to help them become independent learners. eLearning is a time that students are able to use and demonstrate those independent learning skills. We do realize that our youngest students may need some support and assistance; however, you are not expected to sit with your children to help them complete their work. Assignments provided to students utilize software/digital content that has been taught to students in class. They are very capable of completing their work. Now....that doesn't mean they want too!

When we get closer to October 30, we will provide additional information for families. We just wanted to give you a heads up now.

A New Year

As superintendent of East Noble School Corporation, I want to welcome you to a new year and thank you for choosing our district for your children. We have a very dedicated staff who care about your students and want them to be successful.

Always feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Or, you can always use the Let's Talk link on all web pages to ask a question or leave a comment. Someone will respond to you and you can always leave an anonymous comment. This link helps direct your question to someone who is able to best answer your questions in a timely manner.


I am honored to be a part of East Noble School Corporation. Thank you for all the support you provide to your children and our schools.

Ann Linson, Superintendent