Alfons Weigl

James F. Byrnes

In 1943 he became the head of the office of war mobilization which constructed factories across the nation. Under Byrnes the organization was able to utilize raw materials and transportation for military personnel. By doing this he created numerous employment opportunities for Americans.

John Maynard Keynes

During the war Keynes published How to Pay For the War and argued that the war should be payed for by government saving and taxing. He thought this would avoid inflation rather than deficit spending. Keynes was the chairman of the World Bank Commission where he proposed the idea for a common currency.

Asa Philip Randolph

Randolph led the Brotherhood of Sleeping car porters and led the March on Washington movement. This movement convinced president Roosevelt to issue executive order 8802 which banned discrimination in defense industries during the war. Later he ended segregation in armed forces.