Februrary Guidance Newsletter

Happy Februrary!

As always thank you to the teachers that scheduled me into their classrooms this past month! I know there are always things going on so I appreciate it and love getting to spend more time with your kiddos. For this month my lessons will focus around what to do when your heart hurts - whether its from anger or sadness. The books and or activities I bring in will center around coping skills when you're not feeling your best.

Please email me some times on Tuesdays or Thursdays that work for you and I will get it scheduled!
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Classroom Lessons

Pre-K - Pair up with 4th grade to make "Anger Dragons" A tool to remind little ones to take deep breaths when they're upset

K - Pair up with 5th grade to make "Anger Dragons"

1st Grade - We'll watch a few excerpts from Disney's Inside Out on anger and then make calm down glitter bottles.

2nd Grade - Bulletin Board Class* From now on I'll pick one elementary level class to help me with my bulletin board - their work will go on display and then returned at the start of the following month. This board will be on "Resilience Bugs" What to do when someone bugs you. Each student will decorate their bugs and put a tip on how to stay calm and deal with the situation.

3rd Grade - Calm Down Cubes - we'll make a pair of cubes one with negative emotions on them and the other with strategies on how to calm down

6th - 8th - Anger Style online quiz (*will need their ipads) and Coping Skills Bingo

Individual Counseling

Just a reminder - if you would like for me to see a student individually you can fill out this online form and I can take it from there!
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