Emily Kresin

My 5th grade year

About me Emily!

Hi, I'm Emily. This is my 6th year at Prairie Ridge. My favorite color is orange, my favorite subject is reading, my favorite sport is softball and my favorite hobby is sewing. I entered 3 sewing projects, 3 foods, 2 pictures, 1 piece of art, and a geology box at the county fair. Guess what? I got blue and purple ribbons and won a champion ribbon on my geology box! I'm excited for 5th grade! I think you will be a GREAT teacher for me this year. I love that you like to be organized. I think this will be a wonderful year for me.

Some of my friends

My goals for 2013 :)

Some of my goals are...

  • To get 95% or more on the M.A.P. state assessments.
  • To get my piano recital pieces memorized by mid-September
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