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Service for the Lord’s Day - October 16th


450 Be Thou My Vision

39 Great Is Thy Faithfulness

649 Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound

Anthem: “Every Time I Feel the Spirit” – traditional Spiritual

Sermon: “The Ten Summed Up by Two” -- The Rev. Victor Dindot

Texts: Exodus 20:3-17; Matthew 22:36-40

Photo Directories

Liz Olden will continue taking photos for our church directory this Sunday. We will also have the contact information sheet available and ask that you make any corrections/updates. Thanks!

Church Garage Sale

Our church garage sale will be held this Saturday, October 15th beginning at 8 AM.

Pipe Organ Recital at FPC Navasota

On Sunday, October 23rd at 2 PM in our sanctuary, Dr. Paul Lee will give an organ recital on our wonderful 1942 Hall Pipe Organ. Dr. Lee is Associate Professor of Music at Jarvis College and is the Director of Music at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Longview, Texas. To preview Dr. Lee’s program, click here.

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Stewardship 2016: Give It All You’ve Got

Using Our Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual gifts are a divine enablement given to believers by the Holy Spirit for the building up of God’s Church. A spiritual gift is a God-given ability or skill which we do not deserve, cannot earn, and cannot achieve through our own efforts. Each of us is given at least one gift, and we are responsible to give it all we’ve got when using it in our service to the Body of Christ. “Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good” (1 Corinthians 12:7).

In 1st Corinthians 12, Paul compared Christians who are given different spiritual gifts to members of a human body. Each member has a different function, but all are needed for the health of the body. All parts are needed for the body to function. The same concept is seen in athletic teams. Each player on a basketball team has a specific position and responsibility. The guards are chosen for their quickness and agility to dribble the ball down the court. The forwards and centers, gifted with height, are responsible for rebounding and blocking shots from the opponent. All of them desire to get that ball through their basket and combine their talents in that endeavor. Each team member plays a unique role and is valuable to the team. If one of them fails to contribute, the whole team suffers.

The same is true of each Christian. God has given us each a spiritual gift (or gifts), and that gift is important to the Body of Christ. God has given us gifts so we can use them to his glory in his Church. When we do not use what God has given us, the whole body suffers.

Many thanks to those who have already turned in stewardship commitment cards. We ask that all commitment cards be turned in by October 30th. If you need a copy of the letter, please click here.

Annual Congregational Meeting

Our annual Congregational Meeting will be held on Sunday, November 6 after the worship service. We will have the opportunity to hear the results of our stewardship campaign and a presentation of the 2017 budget. At that meeting we will vote on the pastor’s terms of call, and we will elect the 2017 Nominating Committee and church officers (three elders and one trustee) for the Class of 2019.