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It's March! Let's talk about . . .

  • #SEL Day is Friday, March 11th. Check out the SEL activities that Fuentes Elementary PK-2nd and 3rd-5th is doing this week.

  • 🌼SPRING FORWARD - TIME CHANGE 🕑 Sunday, March 13th
  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset through the power of YET
  • Math mindsets & March 14th is Pi Day!
  • A calendar map for incorporating daily Mindfulness practices👇
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Everyone is a math person.

Really? Yes! The only question is, what kind of a math person are you? Read on and learn from UT's Charles Dana Center on How to Develop a Math Identity

What is a Mindset?

A mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how people make sense of the world and themselves. Our mindset influences how we think, feel and behave in any given situation. According to Kendra Cherry from VeryWell Mind, adults can take steps to ensure that their children develop growth mindsets by praising efforts not results. "By focusing on the process rather than the outcome, adults can help kids understand that their efforts, hard work, and dedication can lead to change learning and growth both now and in the future."

Mindfulness based practices can support learning readiness, help students maintain focus and can strengthen sustained effort in the face of challenging tasks. Mindfulness is one way to help students gain awareness of self and others in order to make the shift to incorporating growth mindset principles.

Characteristics of a Growth Mindset

  • Embracing and improving weak areas
  • Seeing mistakes as opportunities to learn
  • Knowing the brain needs exercise to grow, just like a muscle
  • Focusing on the journey rather than the destination, especially in learning
  • Being open to constructive criticism
  • Reflecting on experiences
  • Seeing possibilities rather than limitations
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Reinforce a Growth Mindset at home.

Real World Context: Home discussion

The Olympics provided an amazing opportunity to witness what it takes to achieve at an elite level. Exploring the role of fear when it comes to death-defying olympic events can unlock conversations on ways to handle this big emotion, overcome obstacles and apply a growth mindset. The article interviews many of our U.S. athletes, asking questions like:

  • Is Fear A Good Thing?
  • How do You Deal With Fear?
  • What is the opposite of Fear?

Read on to hear their answers and let their stories inspire your approach.

👨‍🎓As our seniors move closer to graduation, be mindful of the unique SEL needs that accompany this milestone.

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Camino Real Elementary: Mindset Lab focuses on "I" Statements

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Mrs. DeChick : Fuentes Elementary Mindful Moment

Mindful Moment with Mrs. DeChick

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